The way to integrate local people , is to their local market ! The most biggest market in Kandy is Kandy Muncipal Central Market ! It's near the railway station , have many entrance, very easy to find it !

Sri Lanka locals in tropic, so there full of fruit, you can find many Fruit Bar in stand of coffee shop when you walking in this country ,order a fruit juice to disperse summer heat ,cool ~

Also ,you can find many fruit in their market , and prices are such low that you can't control to buy some . You can just spend Rs.100 to get 6 orange , I was buy 6, and eat for a long time , I wandering why I bought so many !

Of cause you can find the most popular fruit ---coconut in this market, and it just Rs.50~60 per piece.

Found a superman ,these three packages looks so heavy , although I don't know what in it .

The opposite of Central Market, I found a local food court ! It's outside just cover by bamboo blinds , and a little dark , very easy to miss it . Many of the customers are local people , and the price also very local , that's a good choice to get a meal hear .

Such a big cup of mushroom soup just spent Rs.40, and we can see many mushroom in it .

Besides mushroom soup , there also have many other local food that I don't know their name , but these food I didn't see in other city of Sri Lanka , so if you come to Kandy , don't miss it ,their slogan is "True Sri Lanka Taste"!

Many snacks shops near the Central Market , and they looks tasty . I found that even in snacks , they would like to add curry leaves , they really like curry very much .

They use papers to pack in stand of polybag , the papers I think is their child's note book , cause it's writing some English and tick in red .