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The Copenhagen contemplation

The Copenhagen contemplation

January 2020 · 3 min read

Copenhagen is in Denmark...And that's the extent of what I know about it. Yes, I know this is not a very inspirational opening line but it's honest. I mean I didn't even know they don't use the Euro for their currency...They use something called the Danish krone apparently. So yep, it's in Denmark and that's about all I got...Well, I know a couple other things I guess, but not enough to plan out a trip there. Not yet anyway.


The thing is, that I'm going to be there soon and whilst I could use a search engine to find out what stuff there is to do there, which I will do at some stage, I thought I'd check in with the brains-trust here on steem to see if anyone has any ideas about what I might do in the 5 or 6 days I'm there. The brains trust is you guys!

My wife and I have travelled a lot and always seem to find cool and interesting things to do, see and experience no matter where we go and will, of course, do our own research but I wanted to open it up to you guys and hopefully find a few that have been there and get some ideas.

We selected Copenhagen as we are pretty interested in Viking stuff and felt that it would be a good place to engage a little with it considering the long Viking history Denmark has. We have identified a place called Roskilde which has a Viking museum we intend to visit and there's a couple of other things we've been told about but other than that the extent of our knowledge is basically limited to it's windy and cold.

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We're not the types to wake up late after an all-night session at the pub or to have every single second planned out though...I guess we're looking for a balanced visit: Viking history, see the city, maybe a cruise, some café time and people watching and of course checking out some culinary delights. I have been told it's a nice city to walk around with interesting streets which is great as we like to wander about when on holiday and as we'll be there in July we figure the weather should be ok for some aimless wandering.

We're not sure where we will stay yet, although it's likely to be in the city somewhere so we should have transport at our doorstep.

So, I'm in your hands...If you have been to Copenhagen, lived there or have conducted in-depth studies on it I want to hear from you. No idea is a bad idea so lets brainstorm here people...Throw some ideas at me. There's no wrong suggestions...Well, there might be some wrong ones but considering I have an open mind I'm willing to hear them.

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