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Let's travel together #73 - The Rope Street (Strada Sforii)

Let's travel together #73 - The Rope Street (Strada Sforii)

August 2018 · 5 min read · Brasov

Who would believe that a street might become a touristic attraction?
Or at least this is a place found by people as an interesting location to be visited and discover the stories that have been written on there.
What about you? Would you rather visit it to see what stories it shares or to add up your story for the other tourists?

Let's discover this together.

Romania hides a lot of treasures which is proud of, and some of them are these places which takes the place no. 1 in different tops from Europe or even World.
One of them is even The Rope Street, located in Brasov, which even though is a street and maybe it doesn't express too much as a waterfall or a lake does, and even if it doesn't brings another no. 1 achievement, it's still something which becomes distinguishable occupying the place no. 3 in The Narrowest Streets from Europe Top right after Spreuerhofstraße from Germany with a width between 30 and 50 cm and Parliament Street from England with 122cm width.
Comparing with the other two streets alredy mentioned, The Rope Street is 80m long with a width betweed 111 and 135cm, being the narrowest street from Brasov and Eastern Europe.
The street is located between other two streets from Brasov called Strada Cerbului and Poarta Schei and it used to be known as a little corridor used by the firefighters when needed.
In the past years, the street have been promoted now only by all the touristic guides from Romania but also by different magazines and TV shows worldwide, becoming one of the most visited (and important) touristic destination while you are in Brasov.

The Rope Street have been renovated to look exactly as 100 years ago when it was used by firefighters but also by the teen lovers who's story we will find a little bit later, having a medieval style which conquers all the tourists which are slowly walking between the closer walls which are trying to hug you.
As every location, The Rope Street also have a legend which discloses the secret of the couples which used to hide on this street just to kiss and have some intimacy. There were also teens which were hiding of their parents on here together with their lovers just because their faily were against their relationship.
Leaving behind all the sad stories from the past, today, The Rope Street is considered as a place that offers endless love for the couples that are visiting this place and kissing between the friendly walls. More than that, the street is also frequented by many photographers which find it very interesting and unique for different photo shootings, the special architecure adding more value to it.

At the beginning of this post I was mentioning the fact that you will discover many stories while visiting this street and that's because during the time, many people who passed by this street decided to also leave a story behind described in only a few words, an initial or even a few names written on the walls. It's true that nowhere it says that you are allowed to do this but it's a memory left behind by many people. I've never encouraged the habits that many guys have, to either scratch a wall or a tree with different words but I'm also not allowed to judge it as being a curious person by nature, I like walking between the golden walls while reading others stories.
You would be surprised how many have passed by and decided to tell their story to the world.

After you cross The Rope Street, at the end of it you will also discover a museum with the same name Rope Street Museum (Muzeul Strada Sforii) which have been opened in 2016 and it's always waiting for its visitors.
The museum have 4 different rooms - one is presenting you expositions of the local artists, one is about photography, one it's showing you old pictures about the city and what happened in the past, and the last one is a coffee shop where the visitors can enjoy a hot drink with the ticket they bought before visiting the museum. The visiting price is 7RON (1.51EURO) and it includes a hot drink but also a touristic map of the old town from Brasov.

To get to The Rope Street you can opt in for either a bus or just by walking and all the details can be found here depending on the place where you are starting from.


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