Picture taken by my sister - Mihaela Valceanu

After soooo long since I posted last time I owe you a trip to another beautiful place from my country, Romania - so this article is dedicated to you,
Castle of Clay. 🏰

Picture taken by my sister - Mihaela Valceanu

Where is located? 🗺️

The Castle of Clay is a pretty new project that was born in 2016, being inspired by The Grimm Brothers stories. It's located in Porumbacu de Jos close to Sibiu and it's surrounded by the Fagaras Mountains creating a spectacular view. The road to this place is pretty bad but the best part is that you can get right next to the castle only by driving a car, so you won't get tired by walking too many km. 🚶

What is the actual meaning of the castle? 💭

I know that there are a lot of travel addicts on here, in love with great places to be explored so good news everyone, you can sleep in this castle. The Castle of Clay is a guest house ready for tourists having about 10 rooms to be rent, with a great architecture made by wood, clay, straw, and other natural materials. In the same project is included also a restaurant that will be finished this year. Right next to the little castle is a specially arranged place for those who want to relax and admire the view, including chairs and tables, also made by stacks and wood, everything natural! 🌲

Are there any taxes for visiting the castle? 💲

I visited this place back in August, 2017 when the castle was still in progress so the only tax that I had to pay was the visiting one, which is 5Lei/person which means 1.32 USD or 1.07 EURO. I was lucky enough to can make a video about this place and take pictures without paying a tax for it, but as the project will be completed soon, they will also add a tax for taking pictures which is about 200Lei (53 USD or 43 EURO). Even though the project is pretty new, the rumors circulated quite quickly and so a lot of people already visited The Castle of Clay since the people were still working on building it. 💰

This post is dedicated to those of you which from time to time would like to teleport themselves in the middle of a fairy tale - so if you are searching for a relaxing place, hidden in the mountains being disconnected by daily routines or stress, this is the right place for you! 👸

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