(Picture taken by my sister - Mihaela Valceanu)

Today's post is nothing else than a continuation of the last day post, reaching another a masterpiece called Beuşniţa Waterfall. I feel like I need to remember this for the new people who read my travel posts - this waterfall is located on Beiului Valley in the Anina Mountains from Romania. Those mountains are a rich area with lots of touristic attractions which during the years attracted tourists from different countries like a magnet. 😍

After we reached to the Bei Eye Lake we continue our journey through the forest following the marks to the next destination. It's a relaxing walk between the trees with some inclined areas but which doesn't ask for a lot of effort. There are another ~45-60mins from the lake until you reach the waterfall. 🚶

On the way to the waterfall, you can enjoy the fresh air, the bird songs, the sound of the leaves and even the messages written on the wood - as you can see in the picture from above. 💬

When you have to walk on two little bridges - you arrived. Right after you cross the little pieces of wood, there will be a banner announcing that you reached your destination. Unfortunately, as I said in my previous post - when I visited this place it was very hot outside and so the surprise we had was terrible. The waterfall was dried and left nothing else behind but a sad landscape. 😢

So what should we do now? If we reached to this place, it would be sad to not enjoy the adventure, so let's climb the waterfall taking advantage of it being dry! But be careful - even though there is no water, the moss and the stones you have to climb are very slippery and there are risks to fall if you don't have enough strength into your legs and arms to pull yourself. 🧗

If you want to visit the Beuşniţa Waterfall make sure to visit it somewhere in the spring or at the beginning of the summer - otherwise you may have the unpleasant surprise I had when I visited this place back in August, 2017. Luckily, it wasn't the fist time when I visited this masterpiece so I had a great picture with the waterfall (thanks to my sister) which you can see at the beginning of this post. Beuşniţa Waterfall is a very important waterfall and touristic attraction from Romania having a big width which will make show when the water has a high flow rate. 🌊

(Picture taken by my sister - Mihaela Valceanu)

This is the post of today's journey we took together - hope you enjoyed it at least as much as I did because this area is full of beautiful touristic attraction and will help you discover some more great places in the following posts. Have a great Wednesday, everyone! 🤗

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