In today's post we focus on another fantastic place in the Anina Mountains called Bei Eye Lake - a fairytale place which hides a lot of interesting things. But let's start with the beginning.. 😉

In the picture above you see some gates - those leads you to a trout farm from where you can buy fresh fish, but the reason that I uploaded this picture is to show you the way to the Bei Eye Lake. To get on this place you need to go on left, between the red fence and that little green house. Then, after you enter in the forest, you just have to follow the marks and enjoy a 1-hour-long journey into the nature. There is a relaxing walk between the trees without making any effort to climb as there is no inclined area. Just let the infinity of the trees to embrace you with their shadows and make you enjoy the atmosphere with the beautiful silence. 🤫

I visited this place somewhere in August, 2017 and even though we were hiding in the forest, the weather was crazy - about 30+ degrees which sooner or later it becomes very exhausting if you don't have a bottle of water - which by the way, we hydrated ourselves drinking right from the water which was flowing along with our route through the mountains - Bei River. It's totally safe! 💧

After ~45mins we get in this place which announces us that we are very close to the Bei Eye Lake and we have only a little to go until we reach our destination. The place that you see in the picture where I was walking around is just a piece of stone with moss full of little pools. We see that the color of the water is much bluer now - so we are on the right way! 👍

The coolest fact about Bei Eye Lake is not only that when you reach this place you feel like you suddenly woke up in a fairy tale but also that this place is a fairy tale itself. The water from this lake never freeze during the winter - no matter how cold is outside, the temperature of the lake will never get under 4 degrees and never above 8 degress, and it's also used by locals as a safe spot from where you can get fresh water, because right under the bridge you will cross is a spring. Bei Eye Lake is considered as one of the most beautiful lakes from Romania (the best in my opinion) which will hypnotise you with its unreal bluish color. If you look careful into the water, you will have the nice surprise to discover there are lots of trouts - yet another proof that the water is safe for drinking. 🌊

So if you ever need to go in a place where you want to feel like in the middle of a exotic place, with a mysterious silence, with water whose color gives the impression of a small ocean surrounded by different plants and birds which are flying between the trees - THIS IS THE RIGHT PLACE FOR YOU!! 😵

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