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Let's travel together #128 - Cetatea Râșnov (Râșnov Citadel)

Let's travel together #128 - Cetatea Râșnov (Râșnov Citadel)

December 2019 · 5 min read · Brașov

A place which is the real proof that no matter through how many rough periods you've been, you can always stand up and impress the others - Râșnov Citadel


Râșnov Citadel is located upon the limestone hill on the Southern side of the city with the same name, from Brașov County, and it's just one of the many fortified ensembles that are making Transylvania such a beautiful part of the country, and... in the world.
Here, some of the oldest structures that had been kept until now, dates since the 14th century and most of them were build-up by the Teutonic Knights at the beginning of the 13th century.
The access into Transylvania from the Râșnoava River was entirely controlled from the Râșnov Citadel that was occupying a strategic position, also becoming the first fortification in Transylvania.


The fortress earned the title of an important historical monument, and it's located on just 15 km away from Brașov, a city very popular for its medieval buildings which are well maintained even nowadays.

Even though Râșnov is a city as well, this one is mostly known for its touristic attractions and that often it's presented as a little fair-city in the medieval documentaries.
The position of the fortress is on a rocky hill that it's surrounded by forest which makes it be accessed only from the Eastern side since the architecture of the citadel was adapted to the relief that was serving as a defender for the hill but also for the locators who were taking refuge from the many invasions Transylvania was part of.
Since the citadel was the first fortification from this part of the country, Râșnov Citadel had to deal with many attacks but none of them managing to put it down.

The surface occupied by the citadel is of 3500m² and the materials used for building it up were the common ones for fortifications, such as stone and brick, being connected with a simple mortar, and since Râșnov Citadel had to take care of the beautiful Transylvania, it was providing 8 quadrilateral defensive towers and 1 polygonal.


The access into the fortress is being made through the oldest part of the fortification which was created only with stone and which represents just a gate into the huge stone walls that are surrounding the fortress to be kept away from other attacks or thieves.
Râșnov Citadel is known as having two different yards, the one from the outside which is known as The Fortress Garden was used for taking care of the owned animals, but which also comes with a special entrance where have been kept the food and weapons.
The 2nd yard was located inside the fortress and it was representing the location where the locators were living during the sieges.


Unfortunately, the biggest problem for the fortress wasn't the wars, nor the place where it was located, but the lack of a spring which was becoming a real difficulty during the attacks that were taking a longer period because the refugees had to sneak outside the citadel during the night and risk their lives searching for water to be brought back there and create sufficient water reserves.
All these things made the fortress be wanted by many directors who picked it as a location for their films, the most popular one being Cold Mountain with Nicole Kidman, that also earned an Oscar.

Through the other activities people can enjoy while visiting Râșnov Citadel we remember the feudal art museum located inside the fortress that presents lots of original weapons used a long time ago, but also antique furniture, tools, galleries, armours, original documents, torture masks but also a yoke used for transporting the prisoners.
During the hot periods of the year, there are different pubs and terraces where people can rest and enjoy a drink, and specially arranged spaces for archery.
A thing that is not missing in any season, are the small boutiques placed in the houses that were representing shelters for old locators, which provide many traditional clothes, precious stones, souvenirs, books with historical events of the place itself, and many more.


On the way to the citadel that was named in the "top 10 most beautiful castles & fortresses in the world during the winter season" by a New York Publication, you are going to meet another point of interest which is a Dino Park - a dinosaur theme-park featuring a various life-sized dinosaur models spread out amongst the trees that was created for kids who want to discover a little bit more about the scary periods of the era.


Prices and schedule for visiting Râșnov Citadel:

  • May - October: Monday - Sunday: 9 AM - 6 PM;
  • November - April: Monday - Sunday: 9 AM - 5 PM.

  • Adults: 12 RON / 2.50 EUR;
  • Students: 6 RON / 1.20 EUR;
  • Children (less than 3 years old): FREE;
  • Coins for binoculars: 2 RON / 0.40 EUR;
  • Foto/video: 5 RON / 1 EUR.

And if you thought this is all for today's post, let me steal a few more minutes from your precious time and share some pictures from a place that I visited again, located on 21km away from the citadel.

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This place is really breathtaking no matter what the season is and a true remedy for everyone's mind and soul called Prăpăstiile Zărneştilor, a place that I have already written about a while ago.


You can check more about it, HERE.




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