When it comes to think about the medieval times, it seems like we talk about some fictional stories from a different era, but they are still part of our world which nowadays make some incredible touristic attractions from the country that deserve more attention from each one of us.


Continuing the trip we just started in my previous post, our next stop is in Brasov, a city very populated with tourists in any season due to the huge variety of touristic attractions and the medieval buildings that impress everyone who crosses by.
I've been visiting this city for way too many times, either with friends or family, but we were always going to these famous places which most of the people knew about, neglecting some which deserve more attention from each one of us.
So this post is going to be about two incredible towers I had the pleasure to discover and even find out their story.


The White Tower was built between 1460-1494 and it's one of the towers which impress nowadays with its greatness that makes every visitor feel so tiny in this huge world.
The architecture of the building is not random, sharing 30m above the ground level to have a great view over the city, 20m height and 19m diameter. The tower is located on 59m away from the walls of the fortress which is being connected with, through a drawbridge and it represents the tallest point of fortification from the city.
The White Tower has a total of 5 levels and the first one was dedicated to a fireplace that was keeping the guards and defenders warm during the cold seasons.


The grandiose building you see in the background is called Biserica Neagra (EN: The Black Church), which is also an important monument of the city and about whom I've already written in a previous post.


You can check more about it, HERE.

The Black Tower is located on just 10mins away of walking from The White Tower and it represents the 2nd tower out of 4, which were built as defensive points for the city.
This one was built in the same period with the one I was talking about before, and despite the thing that its colour is not black, the name comes after the fire from 1689 which ruined most of the city affecting this tower as well by destroying its original roof and making its walls get darken.
The Black Tower is a little bit smaller than The White Tower, measuring just 11m height, but which nowadays shelters different exhibitions and medieval weapons used for self-defence.


Just like the first tower presented, this one also comes with various shooting points split into three lines for attacks, from where the guards were releasing boulders over the enemies.
In plus, The Black Tower shares a painful story that says it also served as a shelter for the people who were fighting against the terrible plague epidemic in 1756.


Both The White Tower & The Black Tower can be visited anytime of the week between 9 AM - 5 PM except on Monday when it's closed and except during the winter, when they are also closed.

Price of the tickets:

  • Adults: 7 RON/1.5 EUR;
  • Retirees: 4 RON/0.85 EUR;
  • Students/children: 1.5 RON/0.3 EUR;
  • Disabled People: FREE.

As you probably noticed, the view over the city is pretty amazing, and you get to admire some incredible buildings that you would most likely don't meet by feet since there are a lot of places that will catch your attention.
But from all these locations, there is one which is hidden pretty well by the tourist's sight, called Strada Sforii (EN: The Rope Street).
Now probably you are going to think, ok, what's so interesting on a street?. Well, the answer is that this place makes the number 3 in Europe most narrowed street, measuring just 111cm width.
I would actually call it a tunnel instead of a street, but its story is really incredible and it's a unique place that more people should know about.
But just like The Black Church, this place was already presented by me in an older post where you can find more details and impressive stories.

And you can read more about it, HERE.

Reaching the towers is very easy if you come by train because they are located pretty close to the train station.
You need to follow the fortress walls which are going to take you along a little water and close to the forest and once you get under an archway which is right the bridge that was making the connection to the city, there are going to be 150 stairs on the right that lead you to The White Tower.
Once you reach the first tower, you need to follow the path from it to the forest which will take you to The Black Tower.
To see any of the other touristic attractions, it's pretty easy because right after you get down the towers you will reach the old town of the city where is located The Black Church from where numerous tracks to other points of interest are starting.




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