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Coronavirus situation in Romania: Nature and Animals can finally take a break from disasters!

Coronavirus situation in Romania: Nature and Animals can finally take a break from disasters!

March 2020 · 8 min read · Sibiu

Despite the thing that everyone was hoping 2020 is finally going to be that awesome year each one of us was waiting for, the most recent disasters and news seem to prove contrary, but NOT if you keep your good vibes and wait for the sun to shine again because an entire year doesn't depend on a single action or event happening, no matter how bad it is.


The world is dying, and we are the only ones responsible for this

It's only the 3rd month of 2020 and the world seems to break apart. Just think of how many disasters already happened:

  1. The eruption of Taal Volcano;
  2. The over 5 million ha of ground destroyed and over 500 million animals killed in Australia’s deadly bushfires;
  3. The glaciers turning brown and melting over from New Zealand;
  4. The melting of Himalayan glaciers and the risk of floods;
  5. The floods in Dubai;
  6. The floods in Indonesia that killed tens of people;
  7. The storms from Texas, Alabama, and Louisiana taking peoples' lives;
  8. COVID-19.

And who knows what's coming up next?


Coronovirus: the virus that seems to panic everyone and destroys the economy and small business slowly but with no doubt.
A virus that not only is spreading rapidly but it's taking peoples' lives too.

At least this is how most of the people see the things instead of keeping their hope and stay safe

According to a European study, people who live in Romania have a panic level of 8/10, and that's because we have many people working abroad for a better living and most of them are in Italy, being followed by Spain and UK.
And if we take a look at what happens in these countries, the panic is pretty justified, especially that in less than 2 weeks we got over 420.000 Romanians coming back in the country from the affected areas. Which is also how everything started in my country.
The first person who was diagnosticated with COVID-19 it's a man who came from Italy and didn't mention it, nor talking with the doctors because he thought it's better to solve his tasks first. Because yeah, he came into the country with problems to solve about his job. That made him interact with lots of people and go to many popular places and he infected not less than 60 innocent people.
That's how a single person created lots of victims in just a few days.



At the beginning we had a few cases appearing just once after a few days, but now we count no less than 277 cases in the whole country, being only 7 counties left without any victim.
After a few days since all this madness started, people started going to markets and buy lots of products to isolate themselves and get enough supplies for a few weeks without being needed to get outside of the house anymore, but the things started being crazier after we registered around 16 cases in a single day. And when everybody thought that was already a lot, we got 52 more in less than 24 hours.

The reasons?

Too many selfish people who don't care about their family and the other human beings.
Because we got another woman who came from Italy, without mentioning it. So she was in two different clubs having fun, as well as going to 3 different hospitals from different counties, without declaring her symptoms and interacting with many doctors and patients who lately were infected with the virus too. And like this wasn't enough already, we got another man coming from Madrid 2 days ago who was diagnosticated with COVID-19 and he was supposed to not leave his house, but somehow he came to Romania in a plane with no less than 60 innocent people.

A thing important to be mentioned is that all the cases from Romania are either caused by the selfish people who didn't tell there is the risk to have the virus and interacted with people, or by the Romanians who were living abroad and returned in the country from many contaminated areas with the COVID-19.



How I call this?

Lack of carefulness for the people you assume you are caring about and lack of respect for the innocent people.

But the best part is that the country leadership didn't wait for too long to apply the restrictions and do the changes.

  • That's how at first the theatres and places with more than 1000 seats were locked down, being followed by a restriction of not allowing more than 100 persons in the same place, and now no more than 50.
  • The schools and all educations centres are also closed until the Easter Holidays are over, with the possibility of being prolonged if needed. But children and students are not wasting time, being able to learn from the online courses.
  • Many people are working from home.
  • There are huge restrictions for the people who enter the country, either from air flights or through the borders.
  • The fines didn't hesitate to appear, thus being punished the people who either don't declare from where they came, or refuse to go to doctors while spreading the virus to innocent people.
  • Most of the restaurants and pubs are closed to not stimulate people going outside anymore, being left open only the markets and pharmacies where people are not allowed to enter more than 50 once. (or even lees)
  • There are lots of money invested in the hospitals and the equipment needed to treat people from this damn virus, as well as plenty of donations and people involved to help the others.


As for the place where I live...

I can only call myself being blessed.

Because while the past year during this period I was living in the capital (Bucharest) which is currently the most affected area by this COVID-19, now I live in Sibiu. Which is one of the very few counties left without any people infected by the virus.
But this is not the single thing that makes me feel that way.
I also live in a residential complex which is very close to the mountains and I literally can see the mountains from any window of my house, while the air is so fresh and not polluted that really makes me feel lucky.
The people are also different in this part of the country, which makes me feel safe and happy to be part of them. It's like I finally found my place after a long while of searching.


There are more and more cars in the parking area, which means people understood that the only thing they need to do is to stay home and protect themselves but others too. Which makes me happy and increase my hopes that this thing will come to an end soon.

It's a virus...

... And it's normal for the people to feel scared.

But let's not forget about how fast people found what is causing the virus, how it's being shared and how people can protect themselves.

Not to mention that there are already hundreds of centers from all over the world who are making studies to find the right vaccine that heals the people. There are already over 70.000 people from the whole world that have healed without any vaccine. Some of them being infected for 2 or 3 times and winning the battle every single time. There is Zhang Guangfen - a 103 years old woman who won the battle too.

We are more prepared than ever to win this!


Just think about...

...nature. And how many animals can finally take a break from disasters and what we are doing to them.

Because at this moment the only thing I can think about is of how much the Earth can finally breathe.

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  • there are lots of aeroplanes which are not taking races anymore, same with the trains;
  • there are more and more cars in the parking lot;
  • cruise ships have docked in the port and people are finally staying home;
  • not many people are travelling nowadays which means the Elephants and Camels used for rides can finally take a break;
  • dolphins appear again in the Venice canals;
  • the factories no longer pollute the air we all need;
  • and many more.

So dear animals and nature, please forgive us for everything we did.
It's time for us to learn the cruel lesson and appreciate you more, while you have the freedom to finally enjoy your life and do what you know the best.
We don't deserve what we have, and we can't learn it without lessons like this one.
It's our time to get the suffering we created to you for so long.
And may this all come to an end soon and learn to appreciate more what we have and live at least a little bit better than before and in harmony.

The contest is being held by @invisusmundi and you can read more about this initiative HERE.





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