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SPAIN IS A NO-GO ZONE!| The Corona Situation So Far...[LOCKDOWN]

SPAIN IS A NO-GO ZONE!| The Corona Situation So Far...[LOCKDOWN]

March 2020 · 4 min read · Spain

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I'm not sure where you're reading this from, but I can only hope you are having it better than we currently are here in Madrid, Spain. I am pretty sure if you were looking to travel to Spain or Europe anytime soon, then you most likely know the corona situation so far. Unfortunately Spain has been one of the worst hit countries in Europe, and if I'm being honest, I think I have personally had my corona moment cause I've been sneezing and coughing for a while now, though it's safe to say it's gone down.

The current statistics according to the government as of Friday the 13th were 4200 corona cases, which rapidly grew from 511 in a span of one week. Consequently, a state of emergency was declared. Last I checked, there were 120 deaths, and the prime minister warned that the number of cases could reach 10,000 by next week, which is rather scary as Madrid has a very high population.

Streets of Madrid.. Source, Reuters.
Streets of Madrid.. Source, Reuters.

As reported by NewYork Times;

 Spain has the second-highest number of coronavirus infections of any European country, after Italy — overtaking the larger nations of France and Germany — and faces the fastest spreading contagion on the Continent.

 The Lockdown

Right after the announcement of the state of emergency, a lot of people started migrating from the city, Madrid, to towns in the North where there were few cases which is rather stupid if you ask me. This only puts the entire country at risk of further spread of the virus. Freedom of movement is limited in the municipalities of San Pedro, San Javier, Los Alcazares, Cartagena, La Union, Mazarron and Aguila.

Currently we are in lockdown, a lot of businesses eg .bars, restaurants, nightclubs and gyms are closed,with exception of supermarkets and pharmacies and some other few. Unfortunately we have also not been spared from the toilet paper menace. We had been to the supermarket thrice before we could get some, but we finally managed to secure some.

Like many other european countries, all schools and universities have now been shuttered for at least 14 days,though majority of us think it maybe longer than that,at least 5 weeks for all this saga to boil down.

It's also been reported that Madrid hospitals are scrambling to find more face masks and add beds to cope with the growing rate of coronavirus cases.

 The Struggle..

I imagine the greatest struggle right now lies with the parents who have to work from home, while also having to take care of the kids. It's not an easy juggle. But this are the times we find ourselves in and we have to find balance. Talking of which, if you are one of those parents. how are you maneuvering?

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In the beginning we organized play dates with school mates for the kids, but as time goes by, majority have backed down to the fear of their kids getting sick,understandable. Besides the huge amount of daily homework kids have to do to keep up with the curriculum, how else are you spending time? Any activities you guys can recommend will be highly appreciated.

 Parting Shot...

I get so surprised when I hear of people scrambling for supplies and running the shelves empty in the grocery stores. This is for the people who need to buy extra supplies, more than they could possible consume, remember fighting this virus is a collective measure.

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When you are sweeping shelves empty, think of what your neighbors, friends and families would do if they don't have the basic supplies they need because you selfishly bough them all. This are the same people with whom you are going to interact with. If they cannot protect themselves because someone bought all the basic supplies they need, then you aren't safe after all.Let's not be selfish,buy whatever you need,just a couple of bar soaps, hand sanitizers, toilet paper etc...I still don't understand why toilet paper ran out, Corona Virus doesn't cause diarrhea people!


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