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Sky Walk, Teesta and Mountains

Sky Walk, Teesta and Mountains

November 2019 · 6 min read · Bangladesh

In the mountainous forests, the birds are calling all the time here - some of their cotyledons are recognizable, but most are unknown. Suddenly, somewhere in the snowy Himalayas, there is no known name. Human presence does not break the silence here. The unstable environment of Dhaka city, the rusting of the hill-nature-people with the rustic racing of the mountain city, like a piece of wilderness! Therefore, when you come here, no plan works. Neither did me. It is really difficult to close your eyes with such a form of Himalayas in front of your eyes.

Paling, a small town, situated west of Sikkim. Its distance from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, is 130 km. The distance from Siliguri is 130-135 km. If you want to go from Darjeeling to Peeling. The position of the peeling is about 7,200 feet high. Very few people live in Pelling. If you want to walk on the way or in the mountains, no one else but yourself. The small hill town surrounded by hills and forests is not called Pelling city, it is better to say hiking village, a mountain village with unrivaled beauty of hotels and motels with modern amenities. In the cloud-free city, the Himalayas, including the Kanchanjunga, are often seen in different places. There are several trekking routes. If you want to trekking, you can go with a guide somewhere. Pelling is also one of the exciting places to start a variety of rides. What do you see in the paleness, without the natural beauty and solitude, he is coming. Before that, I have no personal feelings about this secluded place.

The next day before going to bed, I had a draft of what to do in Peeling. One friend's suggestion is to go to Khechiopalari Lake. Where to walk or try a little can be done in the car. Get up in the morning, eat tea and biscuits in the room, take a bottle of water and go out, you will know the location, from the hotel reception, walk and enjoy the beauty of the deserts - such was the plan. But who knew, my plans for this luxurious room, the bed of comfort, the warmth of the soft tulle lake, the lonely balcony chair laughing at the meter, knowing my plan? Who-or-I realized that I would spend the rest of the night in bed, from that last night until the middle of the morning!

Half-naked lazy eyes opened the window to open eyes first. Not far away, in the foggy hills in the half-light, something is glowing over the rows. When he saw it, the eyes looked away, removing his laziness. Well, look at it, it is an unnamed Himalayan peak in the snow. Then sleep? Can you think of anything else? Then lean on the bed, grab the coating and just look out the window. The night ends a little, the light flashes a little. And the mountain tops are shaking slightly. In the dawn, these snow-capped peaks can be seen forever.

Apart from the terrifying beauty of the Himalayas, there are two other things to see in Peeling. One is the Sky Walk, the other is the Teesta.

I would like to have the courage to walk a few hundred feet up a transparent glass road. That is why it is good for those who have high fears not to come to this city. When you walk on a steep glass made of large steel sheets in the hills, your blood pressure will rise and the nerves will be thrilled. And that thrill will spread to your neuron. You are bound to be amazed. In addition to the mountain-forest-sky, the Sky Walk is one of the attractions in the city.

Quite a colorful building, and after passing its huge gate, the steep staircase climbs up into a wide flat plain like a wide canopy built on a hill. In this flat place there are many different people. Everyone is taking pictures in different ways, some are tired of walking and talking to each other. And many people have the vision of a bronze wheel. At that point the eyes will go away. This is not a religious establishment, the door to the transparent glass walkway. Here is a small gate to open the shoes. Like everyone else I went in. On both sides there are transparent glass waistline walls and 5 to 6 feet wide glass paths under the feet. This glass walkway over the steel structure on the hillside. When I looked down, I felt a fear in my heart, and I walked from head to head without looking down. One can enjoy the last afternoon and the twilight just before dusk. On the other side of the hill stands a huge statue of the sky.

No matter where you look around this walkway of glass, only the hills and the rows of hills will be visible. Small, large, medium variety of mountains will captivate the beauty of the mountain, though not hill-loving. If the fate is a bit of a joy, then if the clouds and fog fade away, then there will be a chance to see the entire Kanchenjunga as well as the numerous peaks covered in the Himalayan ice. There is doubt as to whether the sun can be seen elsewhere in the Himalayas, standing on the top of a mountain.

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Those who are accustomed to seeing the huge catastrophic Teesta river in Bangladesh, they will see a different form of Teesta in Peeling. The Teesta of Peeling is not gross, nor is the Elokashi flowing on the coast. Peeling Teesta Khosrauta, in hiding, unarmed. Basically, the rest of the Nileva Tista is seen on one side of the road all the way from Peeling to Gangtok or Gangtok to Peeling or Siliguri to Peeling. The Teesta is running endlessly on its way to the mountains, rocks, mudslides with the forest and the sky. He is another obsession, a different world. Having come to such a different world, we had the opportunity to spend a weary, obsessive time a few days ago.

It is understandable that the residents of Pelling speak highly cultured and educated. Local children study outside Sikkim, especially in Siliguri. Songs and dances are a part of their culture. What is most noticeable in the peeling is their cleanliness. Whether it's a house or a walkway or a market, everything is clean enough. Therefore, those who are going to visit Sikkim will keep in mind the environment. Do not use in any way the things that are prohibited in Sikkim, including plastic. Peeling can be done directly from the gangsta. Apart from this, one can also go from Siliguri. Indian authorities have to seek permission to go to Sikkim. Peeling can be accessed from Siliguri with the permission of Melley. Or, from Siliguri to Rangpo, you can enter Sikkim with permission. Of course, carry the passport with you and seal the passport at the required place on the way.


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