Yesterday I decided to get out of the house and just take a drive.

Notre-Dame Auxiliatrice de Cap Malheureux

My aim was to visit some of the beaches and local tourist sites close by that we always just rush by without stopping.

I'm not going to share the beach photos now as that is for a next post. But I'm wanting to share this beautiful church at Cap Malheureux about 10 kilometers from where we live.

So picturesque

The church bell

The inside of the church

What a view out the church window

Some information on this beautiful little catholic church and it's surroundings.

**The following passage is from

Cap Malheureux is a village in Mauritius located in Rivière du Rempart District.

The name "Cap Malheureux", meaning "Cape of Bad Luck", was given by the French who held the island from 1715 to 1810.

The island was often the bone of contention of many great explorers of the time, including the British. In 1810 the British decided to take the island in order to stop the raids on British fleets by the Mauritian corsairs (notably Surcouf. The British domination of the seas had cut the island off from supplies from France). Following an unsuccessful attempt to invade via Grand Port in the south (claimed as the only defeat in the Napoleonic Wars of the Royal Navy by the French), the British took the French by surprise by attacking from the North of the island, where the French defences were weakest. As a result, the French were defeated and the name "Cap Malheureux" was named after their defeat by the English who invaded and took over the island from that place. Wikipedia**

The little bay where the church can be found at the water's edge

I've been meaning to stop here for so long and just never got round to it. I'm so happy I made time for it yesterday.

All photos are my own

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