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T-Rex: Dinosaur King

T-Rex: Dinosaur King

January 2020 · 4 min read · Aosta

Ciao Steemians!

Almost seventy million years ago, this tyrannical lizard dominated the world among its own species. A hostile environment where instinct overcame everything and the law of the strongest was the only thing that mattered.

It was from 10 to 12 meters tall, it could weigh from 4 to 6 tons, a real heap of muscles, an innate strength for a colossus that used its jaws to devour its prey, of which with a bite it was able to tear off a hundred kilos of meat and chop its bones.

His eyes were positioned on the front, unlike other species of the time which had them on the head sides, this allowed him to calculate perfectly distances during the hunt, thanks also to a three-dimensional vision and a view similar to that of an eagle.

It reached its final adult size in about twenty years, sometimes reaching a longevity of thirty years. Its maximum speed was around 25 kilometers per hour. Recent studies claim that, despite its apparent invulnerability, their bones appeared deformed or corroded during the discoveries, due to infections and other disorders that caused them junctions pain and made their movements more difficult.

They could suffer from "gout", a disease also found in humans when the body malfunctions due to excessive meat consumption. Over the years, new scientific studies reveal more and more information about the past of these animals and about history in general, the reconstruction of the statue you see in the pictures I took dates back to the 90s.

Recent studies hypothesize that the dinosaurs did not have lips, as it was supposed in the past and can be seen in the representations proposed till now, furthermore some of them had a "protoplume body covering", it is not yet clear if this was present also on Tyrannosaurus Rex. The major sites of its discoveries are in US, in Montana, North and South Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Alberta but also in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The statue you see in the pictures is in Aosta for a paleontological exhibition located in different areas of the city and its Valley. The building behind it is the former Alpine barracks "Testafochi", which has been unused for decades and in recent years has been renovated to make way for the construction of a University center.

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Repubblica square, located in the city center, is hosting the exhibition that began on December 7, 2018 and has an uncertain end date. The monument that you see at the top of the column in the next photo is the one of the Capitoline She-wolf. This place is commonly called by the inhabitants of Valle d'Aosta "she-wolf square", although apparently the statue with the wolf breastfeeding Romulus and Remus, is considered by some as a "symbol of disgust for France", an issue related to the war during Benito Mussolini dictatorship, a motion has been filed to have it removed.

The motion was filed in 2018, the statue is still in his place, as well as Casa Littoria, the building you can see behind it that dates back to 1939 and originally home to the National Fascist Party, after the war was the seat of the abandoned Cinema Lux and now houses the Industry Department. If this place will change in the future is not known with certainty, for the moment the only news is that of a return of the same animals that millions of years ago dominated an entire planet and became extinct due to the impact on earth of an asteroid or perhaps a series of volcanic eruptions.

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Thanks for reading and watching, a big hug and see you soon!

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