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Unlike the T-Rex and the Diplodocus Longus, of which you could find explanatory signs about it, next to this I could find nothing. To be honest I was a bit disappointed, a great species thrown there, in a not even too central square of Aosta city, left to itself as if he was less important than the others.

Luckily for him is not alone, the Pachyrhinosaurus located at the Bard fort has also been mistreated a lot, placed in the parking lot of the fort adjacent to the main road and accessible only to those who come to visit it. When I passed by car I had time to see it just now, no possibility of parking to admire it better, a real pity.

This dinosaur would have had a lot to say about him, if only I could decipher what family he belonged to. I spent half an afternoon on the web to find out some information about it, but I've found almost nothing.

Its reddish smudges might have given me some clues but unfortunately nothing. Immediately he looked like a Velociraptor to me, but reading his height and seeing some photos I would say that it is absolutely not him. He could belong instead to the Allosaurus family, the resemblance is there but the uncertainty remains.

So here I have to make an exclusively photographic article with my great sadness at not being able to tell you more about it. And yet the exhibition "dinosaurs in the flesh" I have discovered has gone around some Italian locations in recent years and is not entirely unknown.

Something good my research finally brought him, the fact that I discovered that this exhibition was not an isolated event, a good date for fans and the curious of these giant animals that lived millions of years ago on our planet.

Why this species could not have the honor of being presented at its best will remain a mystery to me, hence the name of this article, its giant claws on the upper limbs and sharp teeth were really very well made, about three meters high and 5 long, certainly does not go unnoticed.

Despite my considerations will end up in oblivion, I will be left with the satisfaction of having given him a discreet photographic report as a tribute to his majesty. My curiosity about it is still very high, who knows if in the future I will be able to find out what kind of race he belongs to, I hope that among you there are some experts in the field who can help me, it would be very appreciated!

Thanks for reading and watching, a big hug and see you soon!


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