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Sexy and the dead killing machine - When history meets reality

Sexy and the dead killing machine - When history meets reality

December 2019 · 3 min read · Aachen

Travel to the unknown

Look at this combination - such a nice young lady in her sexy outfit came to visit the dead old killing machine.

An old M41 bulldog and a M47 Patton are in the middle of a wide green area, inviting you for a nice walk and some climbing.

This story is since a long time in my mind and today, late December 2019, I found the time to write it into a long post with a nice mix of pictures and facts.

The Tanks

There are in total 5 dead old tanks hanging around at this area.

The beauty is climbing the dead old tank

5 Tanks waiting for your visit

This tank was nearly drifting into the little pond and at my next visit, they moved it out of that.

My statement  to this place

It is worth to visit this place as the whole thing is in somewhat bizarre and as well strange.

I'm not a military fan at all, but this old rusty and dead tanks in the green is really something worth to see!

Picture by Herrleger from his post about this area

Picture by Jasmien Janssens from Google maps

A short video

At Youtube I found this little video from an account called Aachen erleben which describes that this tanks belong before to the German army.

More views from the Sexy lady

As I don't want to show her face (by GDPR) here another view to her shoes.

A young boy climbing the tank

Kids are entering the metal playground from underneath

Some details with some more nature growing on it

Some views to the details

Ok, this engine had his best days some years ago and I guess many screws are missing and the oil might be gone as well.

For people who know this a bit better as I do, this numbers may speak some facts from history

Where is this place

There is an old military area and this is the home of some old and dead killing machines or with other words a [tank graveyard near Aachen Germany M41 Walker Bulldog and M 47 Patton](http://( as the Steemian @herrleger told us already back in 2017 here on the blockchain.

On the map

How to find that place in Europe on Google M

picture by google maps
picture by google maps

The closer view on Google Maps

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picture by google maps
picture by google maps

A nice walk

Even if you see here mainly the deal old tanks, this visit is a really nice walk for around 10km in a very green area.

We did this with a group of 8 people for around 3 hours and the kids had so much fun climbing all the dead old machines

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Play hide and seek

As this area is an old military area, you see many strange buildings. Some of them are good to play a hide'n'seek and this makes the long walk even a bit more short.

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