A shifting sand dune


The Dune of Pilat is with is 110m the tallest sand dune in whole Europe.

This huge sandy place is located in in the area of La Teste-de-Buch in the bay of Arcachon in the south of France and just 60 km south of the City of Bordeaux.

Detlev at the dune

See me hanging out at the dune with so many other people. Many of them just do a picknick or enjoy a few cold beer.

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A view from above

By searching the web for some more information, I ended up at a good site at Wikipedia where there are as well some good pictures.


picture © by Wikipedia

Here you see the dune and all the pine trees from above. Again a great picture from Wikipedia.

How to find the dune?

First at all you have to go to the South of France.

picture © by apple maps

Then there is a drive through a lot of pine trees and you have to open the window of your car to get all this fresh air into your head.

Climb the dune

Here you have two different ways up to the top of the dune.

Either you just walk up all the sand, which could be a bit challenging or you use the stairs with around 150 steps.

A good advice

Don't carry to much stuff up to the dune

Many people leave their shows and other stuff in front of the dune as carrying to much while "working" your way up to the dune might not be the best idea.


On top of the dune

This is a great place for a Picknick with the family. Many people bring their food and have a rest.


The view to the sea

As we visited the dune in mid day, the place was full of people. Not crowded but still a lot. From the top you have a great view to the coastline of the Atlantic sea.


Let the fun start

Think you are in a huge huge sandbox and than...


Another good advice from Detlev

Some years ago we visited the dune early in the morning. There we had way more space for us alone and it was not as hot as during the afternoon.


See, the beery guy can even move fast...


...as long as he lands in the sand.


The best part of the dune

Running down a 110m mountain out of sand is just big fun. You see kids rolling down the hill, other are jumping or trying to surf down.


Jump Detlev jump

Let the little boy coming to play and jump around that huge amount of sand.


This is unbelievable cool

Run, Jump, Roll

Another nice and very dynamice picture from dunedupilat.com wich is another good source of information.


© by dunedupilat.com

Fly down the dune

At the south top of the dune you see many people paragliding the dune. Might be as well a lot of fun, as there are is always a lot of wind.

Picture © by pixabay

Facts of the dune of Pilat

The dune is around 500m wide (east to west) and around 2.7 km in length (north to south).

At the highest point the dune is around 110 meters above sea level.

The sandy thing is a famous tourist destination where every year more than one million visitors are count.

The view from above


© by dunedupilat.com

Who build that thing?

The forming of the dune is made by the unique position and the wind. You might read a lot more at dunedupilat.com where you find a lot background informations.


© by dunedupilat.com

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