The two days roaming like free birds around Zermatt passed and it was time to get back to the mountains. Matterhorn was waiting for us! We were going to trek to Hornli Hut/Basecamp Matterhorn, spend the night there and then try to climb the peak the next day. The Hörnli Hut is a mountain hut located at the foot of the north-eastern ridge of the Matterhorn. It is situated at 3,260 m(10,700 ft) above sea level.

The path was really beautiful with amazing views of the peak and the Alps, but there were some unpleasant things.


It was so hot and I was with these high wintery heavy mountain shoes and with the goretex pants with which I was going to climb the next day. I was feeling like being in a sauna. My backpack was extremely heavy with all the equipment necessary for the climbing - crampons, ice axe, helmet, and hundred more things.


It was painful to wear it and I was feeling probably like one of the workers who carried stones to build the Egyptian pyramids with the heat and the heavy backpack. I was thinking « why the hell we are not like Kilian Jornet ». He is the person achieved the fastest known time for the ascent and descent from Breuil-Cervinia in 2 hours and 52 minutes.. and he was with....RUNNING SHOES, t-shirt and short pants. I can’t even imagine that. (if you are not familiar with how the route to the top looks like, you’ll understand me and my lack of imagination tomorrow with the next part of our adventure).

I was missing my five fingers shoes so much. My friends had exactly the same backpacks with the same weight, but they all weighed double my weight, and the backpack was close to half of my weight. I envied them and dreamed to be a big man for these 3 hours (and for the next day if possible, please) :D.

Cool site to place a bench isn’t it?




But I share these thoughts only with you. It is a secret! I was the only girl in our small group and everyone expected from me to start complaining at some a girl. Knowing that was part of my motivation in some of the hardest moments during the whole experience in the mountains. I didn’t want to disappoint my friends :) To be honest I complained and murmured A LOT but only in my mind, but still enjoyed the experience! The Alps are a majestic place!


That three hours finally passed and I was so happy to reach the hut and to remove the stone block from my back. The Hörnli Hut looks far more like a very nice hotel and even has double rooms with own bathrooms.
The view from the window in the room - Matterhorn.



It was quite different from the Italian huts. Definitely more convenient but the Italian ones - Gnifetti and Margherita have their own different charm. The atmosphere and the stuff there were warmer with personal attitude towards the clients, and this one seemed quite more money oriented. This is of course because of the site.

We took a rest for a while and then went to explore the site and to see the beginning of the route for the next day.

This is how it looks. We were going to start from here the next day and around 1,2 km higher is the top.






It was so beautiful but also there was something harsh and severe in the scenery around us. Matterhorn is the sixth deadliest peak in the world. Since the first ascent, more than 500 people have died while climbing or descending the Matterhorn—an average of three to four per year. The number is not so big considering the amount of people that climb it, but still it is scary.






The hut.



While we were having dinner we managed to take a look at the people who were going to ascent the peak the next day. We were around 40 people. It was strange how they all looked. Like tough, fit and experienced alpinistes, they were different from the people in the previous huts. There was only one more girl - a Russian.

No problems with my vegan diet again.


After the dinner, we had to prepare our backpacks and equipment for the ascent and then to try to fall asleep as soon as possible - we would start the ascent around 4 am. It was not an easy task, when I knew what I was about to do the next day.

Thanks for reading!