Steemians this last week I was a little busy so I was not so active in my block, but yesterday I published a post that I invite you to read about the Yellow House, current home of the Chancellor, a historical place that surely will also interest you and I am preparing a special work on the works and its library.

Today I will continue with you this tour of my beloved and accelerated city of Caracas.

This time I will show you the GAN - Galería de Arte Nacional, it is located in the Bellas Artes axis as well as the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Armando Reverón of which I told you before. Both museums are free of charge.

The GAN was created in 1974, in 1976 is inaugurated making life inside the MBA - Museo de Bellas Artes, but it was until 2009 that it has its own headquarters, it has more than 30,000 mst2, but I must emphasize that its construction is not yet concluded 100%.

Artists and intellectuals full of concern as Manuel Espinoza, Miguel Otero Silva and Alejandro Otero. Their creation is proposed because of the need to have a space for the conservation and diffusion of Venezuelan art.

The workshops of the National Conservation Center and the offices of the National Research Center for the Plastic Arts (CINAP) are also located at GAN's headquarters.

Venezuelan Art at the GAN

GAN's collection brings together Venezuelan art from pre-Columbian times to the present, more than 6,000 works in total.

Among the collection of Venezuelan artists we find works by Juan Pedro López, Juan Lovera, Cristóbal Rojas, Arturo Michelena, Antonio Herrera Toro, Emilio Boggio, Camile Pissarro, Armando Reverón, Manuel Cabré, Bárbaro Rivas, Mario Abreu, Francisco Hung, Jacobo Borges, Alirio Palacios, Gego, Jesús Soto, Carlos Cruz Diez, Alejandro Otero, among others.

Universo Construído José Antonio Davila
Universo Construído José Antonio Davila

In the collection of the capital works you will find works like Miranda in La Carraca de Arturo Michelena 1896, this is one of my favorites for its content and historical meaning.

Michelena was inspired along with the history chronicler Eduardo Blanco, who served him not only with its historical content about Franciscos de Miranda, but also as a model for this work.

It reflects General Francisco de Miranda with a reflective look with disappointment from a sombre room in La Carraca Prison in Cadiz, Spain, history that is immortalized in this oil painting of 196.6 cm high by 245.5 cm wide.

The Venezuelan General Francisco de Miranda, who participated in the French Revolution, which encouraged the independence of Venezuela, Chile and the United States, his name is engraved on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, is part of the Characters of the Palace of Versailles where his portrait is.

His Architecture

Designed by Architect Carlos Gómez de Llarena, a Spanish architect from Zaragoza, this project went through different stages of construction, inaugurating a first stage in 2006 and a last one in 2009

The GAN was designed in 1988 and has characteristics of its time with large doors that give entrance to the rooms a beautiful roof structure giving use of natural light, with corridors and lounges very well structured areas.

Coffee and Art

As you know I love Venezuelan coffee, which is the best in the world, within the spaces of the GAN, is Mitos Café where you can enjoy from a tea, cold herbal teas, Venezuelan desserts such as auyama cakes, corn, tres leches, carrots, soursop, bread cake among others and of course you can not miss a delicious coffee.

Thank you for joining me on this tour. I hope you enjoy it and can visit the GAN.