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Five days ago I wrote a post about Wat Pathum Wanaram in Bangkok. Now I would like to create a post about the transportation in Bangkok and in particular I would like to write about the Express Boat in Khlong Saen Saep:

And, according to Wikipedia, Khlong Saen Saep:

Khlong Saen Saep (Thai: คลองแสนแสบ, IPA: [kʰlɔ̄ːŋ.sɛ̌ːn.sɛ̀ːp]) is a canal (khlong) in central Thailand, connecting the Chao Phraya River to Prachinburi Province and Chachoengsao. A portion of the canal is used for public transport by an express boat service in Bangkok. The 72 km long canal passes through 21 districts and is connected to more than 100 smaller canals.

So, while I was in Bangkok for Steem Fest 4, I used the Express Boat Service on a daily basis:

That's a picture of me on one of the boat, travelling to the venue during Steem Fest 4 Conference Day 1 and wearing my @steemfest T-Shirt

Now, let me start ... One of the main reasons why I used the Express Boat Service on a daily basis was that the central part of Bangkok is very often traffic-congested during the daytime:

I took the picture above and the picture below at about 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm at Siam Metro Stop.

Yeah, we have to understand that Bangkok is a big city and the population of Bangkok Metropolitan Area is about 14,5 - 15 million people. That's why it turned out that during the rush hours in Bangkok you may get stuck in a traffic jam for an hour or two:

For example, sometimes even the moped/ scooters riders, in order to circumvent the traffic jams, ride their mopeds/scooters/motorcycles among the pedestrians on the sidewalks:

And, actually, in some areas where the streets are quite narrow, you can see people walking on the streets, among the cars, tuk tuks, etc.:

That's why the best way (in my view) is to use the transportation in the canals:

Let me now show you how the Express Boat stops look like. For example that was the stop (next to our Prince Palace Hotel) called Bobe Market:

When the boat arrives at the stop, they use some kind of special rope to tie the boat to the dock:

and when the boat is tied to the dock, people are allowed to get off/on the boat:

So, let's get back to my talk about the Bobe Market stop ... That's how the opposite side of the canal at Bobe Market stop looks like:

Let me show you another Express Boat stops. For example this is Sapan Hua Chang Pier:

And that's one of the boats at Sapan Hua Chang Pier:

Actually Sapan Hua Chang Pier is within a walking distance from Ratchathewi Metro Stop (that is just one stop away by metro to the metro stop called Phaya Thai, from where you can get the fast train (The Airport Rail Link) and get to and from the airport).

So, Sapan Hua Chang Pier is just under a bridge that you have to walk over in order to get the Ratchathewi Metro Stop:

I would like to mention that when I arrived to the airport in Bangkok, I took the train to Phaya Thai metro stop, and then I went down (south) to Sapan Hua Chang Pier, got onto the boat ...

... and traveled to Prince Palace Hotel (that is next to Bobe Market stop):

In the picture above, you can see me and @vesytz on one of the boats, travelling to Prince Palace Hotel. She is also from my country, but from another city, and she also attended @steemfest 4.

Also just next to Sapan Hua Chang Pier, at the canal is YELO House (a modern multi-function space with gallery & cafe):

Actually, at the YELO House was the exhibition of the works of Steemians who participated in Inktоber. As I understand Inoktober was initiative of @ocd and @creativecoin or a kind of challenge for creative Steemiansto draw every day for 31 day during the month of October.

Ok, now, let me get back to the Express Boat stops at the canal and let me show you the next one. In the picture below you can see the stop called Phanfa Bridge. The stop is on the left side of the canal:

Actually, this is the first/last stop of the Express Boat in the Khlong (canal) Saen Saep. And it is next to Wat Saket (Phukhao Thong):

Now, let me share with your some minor disadvantages about using the Express Boat. First of all the canal is a bit dirty, the water is very green (muddy) ... and at some places there are very unpleasant smells:

The trip/ ride might be quite bumpy sometimes ... so while on the boat, it is preferable to hold the handles in order not to fall:

But everything else is just perfect!!! First of all this is a very fast transport in Bangkok. You won't get into traffic jams! In addition, the ticket costs just between 9 THB and 13 THB. It depends on the number of stop you want to take.

And the most important thing is that while being on the boat you can enjoy the beautiful views! For example you can see some Wats (temples):

... or some modern skyscrapers:

... then you can see some not that fancy buildings where still people live:

... you can also see some interesting graffiti:

... or just nice small residential buildings:

BOOM!!! And the BONUS is if you see in the water of the canal one of those gigantic lizards called VARANUS:

I even recorded a video with the Varanus and uploaded it a few days ago to DTube.

That's it for now! Thank you for stopping by and reading! Hope you enjoyed my travel blog.