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Travelling South Africa After The Floods!

Travelling South Africa After The Floods!

December 2019 · 5 min read

Hey everyone, we have had the most magnificent 8 days of rain. Luckily enough in our area just beautiful Earth quenching rain, sadly in areas of low drainage flooding however.


I recently took a trip with my Landlord to go and deliver some Trees to Mpumalanga a nice little holiday destination and Trout Fishing Hot-Spot Called Dullstroom. Do check out for all the interesting places one can visit in this quaint little getaway in the bush.


Dullstroom looks like a bit of a Ghost Town during the week. It is very much a holiday hot spot so during the holidays and weekends very similar to the coast, buzzing with activity.


This gorgeous little mountaineous town with many coffee shops, curio stores custom fit for tourism. We stopped over for lunch a delicious egg, bacon and sausage delight, Brunch one could say but they do serve breakfast all day.



One of my landlords clients has a few properties in these parts and here are some pictured. He buys houses in the area renovates them and rents them out for bed and breakfasts as well as AirBNB, this chap has some really cool little cottages to rent and is making an absolute killing!


Many of these pics I took at around 120kmph whilst my landlord was driving so excuse the strange angles, make for an interesting perspective however, I kind of like it.


Here I took pics as we were driving on the highway from Pretoria to Mpumalanga. Following a nice number of pics I took of different dams and rivers overflowing after the recent country wide extended rainshowers.





I love this picture taking at 120 kmph as we were crossing the Bronkhorstspruit river. As can be seen with that beautiful cloudy skyline, the abundance of water flowing towards the ocean. Driving this beautiful Country at the moment truly is such a blessing as all the dams and rivers are full to the brim and everything so green and lush!


Ever heard of Nelson Mandela? Lol quiet confusing in South Africa as pretty much everything is named after him from roads, to Airports, towns, town halls and more, it can get rather confusing especially when you are lost, luckily for the technology that is GPS to appease all those minor issues!



Our destination in Dullstroom a client of my landlord who is a Professor and owns this incredibly beautiful piece of land. On this property a massive dam for fishing, boating and other watersports as it is big enough. Also since the last visit he has erected a hot house and is currently growing Gooseberries for the retail market. The rich get richer eh?


Water on Wheels, not that he has a shortage of this currently. The professor tows this water unit around the farm to get to those hard to reach areas where taps do not exist, He recently purchased around 200 Trees from my Landlord who has a Nursery, these will be needed to be watered all over his vast farm, this the perfect tool for the job.



Quiet a few houses on this property, he does not live on this residence, this is purely his holiday and weekend getaway, his staff run this property during the week and when he is out of Town.



Most houses in this area are constructed from Stones dug up from the foundations. A very rocky area making it incredibly tough to build, but a very nice bonus in that less building materials to be purchased as many exist right in the ground!


Pine Trees are very prolific in this area, on the Professors land around 2000 Pines which he uses for firewood in Winter, the excess he sells to the local mill.


Dullstroom gets very cold in Winter, Summer temps are also way higher then where I reside in Gauteng, This makes it perfect for Rainbow Trout a cold water fish, many nice little Trout fishing hots spots in Dullstroom one on the right here just a few km's from the Professors Farm!






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Many of the roads in Dullstroom look just like this, dust roads full of potholes a 4x4 a must!


Here we have a Billy Goat just chilling in the road with no worry in the World at all, his family just behind him all sunbathing in the road, sadly I was not able to get my Camera fast enough to snap them. Goats running wild occur quiet often all over South Africa like this. My sister @buckaroo is a total goat nut I am sure she will have tons more to say about them ;)



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South Africa really is a very special place, these pictures a testament to that. If ever you were to visit I highly recommend making a turn in Dullstroom Mpumalanga such a lovely little holiday getaway.

I trust you have an amazing weekend.

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