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Naples and its thousand colors (Part 1)

Naples and its thousand colors (Part 1)

December 2019 · 3 min read · Naples

Naples is among the most important cities of Southern Italy and is saturated with art, culture and tradition, and during the Christmas period the metropolis becomes even more magical and full of life. We started our Neapolitan adventure starting from **Piazza Garibaldi**, an important crossroads for citizens and tourists as there is a central train and metro station in the city. Here there is a guarded parking lot and you can serenely leave your car.


Along the pedestrian boulevard of Piazza Garibaldi, the road that runs along the metro, there is a pedestrian street overlooked by many bars, especially bars, restaurants and pubs, as well as hotels of a certain level and some commercial shops. The perfume that pervades the streets of frying is really intense and almost all the managers of the premises have positioned movable external windows in which they display cakes, croissants, pizzas, sandwiches and much more.


The first feeling that comes over me is to buy something to eat. But we continue our walk, having only a day's time and we intend to make the most of it. Walking along **Corso Umberto I** we notice the many shops in the Christmas dressing phase, an impressive bustle of tourists and an intense traffic, typical of the big cities.


In a cross street of the Corso we discover an imposing church, the **Basilica of the Santissima Annunziata Maggiore**, with an imposing structure, hardly accessible at that time of the day as all around there was a dense market on the street and the street vendors attracted the people at their stands. The church, dating back to the 13th century AD it belongs to the neoclassical style and externally transpires strength and sturdiness, that of the Christian faith towards its faithful.


Continuing on Corso Umberto I, I notice some really characteristic buildings, formerly the residence of noble families, and today the seat of local institutions or important institutions such as banks. In many areas of the city, redevelopment work is underway on the neighborhoods and works for the expansion of the metro. Also on Corso Umberto I is the **University of Naples Federico II**, an important architectural structure, whose name is a tribute to its founder, Emperor Frederick II of Swabia, founded in the thirteenth century.


The Federico II University is considered among the most important in Europe, attracting students from all nations. But it was born as a private school for future government men, therefore difficult to access, but in recent decades it has become a reference university for all medical, health disciplines, jurisprudence and engineering scholars. At the end of Corso Umberto I, we proceed towards **Piazza Plebiscito**, where here is the entrance to the **Palazzo Reale** on one side, now a museum and national library.

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On the other side of Piazza Plebiscito there is the **Basilica of San Francesco da Paola**, powerful with the colonnade that partially surrounds the square and embraces the faithful who go towards it, and reminds me a little of San Pietro a Rome. The interior of the church is circular in shape and the altar is arranged frontally and a further colonnade is arranged along its perimeter. Looking up, it is possible to admire the dome whose walls meet towards a central point, an eye, through which it is possible to see the sky. The interior reminds me instead of the Pantheon of Rome, here too there are some altars and tombs.

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