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New year's resolution with #travelfeed

New year's resolution with #travelfeed

January 2020 · 3 min read · Općina Ivankovo

Hello dear friends!

With new years I started my journey . As I promise to work with new platform in 2020, now completing my first post for travelfeed.Starting the new year with travel feed definitely will be a good experience for me. As I said earlier, with the new year I will start working with other platforms as well. Even though I do not get time to travel more due to job, whenever I am on the journey, I will definitely make posts for this platform. It is always a thrilling experience to get to know about the new place and to get acquainted with its climate and environment. On Saturday I traveled to Ayodhya. Although most of the capture has been done from the road itself, there was no opportunity to go inside the city. I am trying to share these memories through travel feed. Hope you will definitely like it.

# (1)

Gateway to Ayodhya-

Although it is a semi-built gate, pilgrims coming from Gonda Bahraich, Gorakhpur enter through this gate. Right opposite to it is the new ghat where devotees take a bath in the fair of Moni Amavasya and Sawan. Not only do we enter Ayodhya through this gate but this road also connects the city of Faizabad, although entry of large vehicles is prohibited due to overcrowding, yet you can travel by taxi or battery powered machine.

# (2)

Way to Naya Ghat-

This road takes you directly to the banks of the Saryu River.this is located at a considerable distance below the road.There is always a crowd of devotees at this ghat.When the Saryu River is in spate, a barrier is put here so that people do not get down below it.On the far right side of it, builds a cremation ground about 500 meters away where people bury the dead.Just next to it is the sand ghat from where there is a lot of sand supply.

# (3)

Shivalay and other famous temple-

It is the scene of ancient temples which are yet to be saved.On the left side of it the river Saryu touches.Right in front of this temple, Rama's Paadi is built where a fair is held every year.In contrast, Saryu Ghat's area where the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh lit one lakh lamps.In these temples, the program of worship continues throughout the year.

# (4)

Roadside map-

This is the main road of the Yatra Center which connects the districts of Gonda Bahraich Basti etc. together.A huge statue of Hanuman ji has been built on the roadside.From here you get travel vehicles to travel to different districts.On one side of this road is Sarju Ghat and on the other side there is a collection of huge temples.This is such a holy pilgrimage site where pilgrims from country and abroad come to visit.Being a major center of tourism, it is proposed to be expanded in the coming days.

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Apart from this, there are many more places here which I will write in the next vlog, if you believe in tourism then definitely come here. The cleanliness of this city will definitely attract you. Apart from this, the people here are so tactful and welcoming to the guests that the travelers who come here feel like staying here.

Have a nice day.. missing you very lovely New year..

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