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Bangkok Street Shops For Market Friday

Bangkok Street Shops For Market Friday

February 2020 · 5 min read · Bangkok

There's no need to go inside of a mall to buy something if you're in Bangkok.

Malls and restaurants can sometimes take you longer to eat, drink or purchase something that you want or need. The street offers everything right away so you can be on your way home or to a fun spot.

I will take you on yesterday's tour of Bangkok streets to shop. "Just looking" Ok?

I would also like to share this for the first time with MarketFridays hosted by @dswigle

The fact that I can walk down the street and have peeled sweet ripe fruit ready to buy and eat, is something that I'll miss when I eventually return to Canada.

The food vendors not only sell ready made foods, many of them cook it right on the spot. You may even choose the ingredients you would like to have in your dish. I don't ever dare ask them to make me a vegan dish. I'm sure I'd get a funny look. I know there are vegetarian street foods available if you look for it.

These Crepes remind me of when I was three or four years old and I use to get something like this.
These Crepes remind me of when I was three or four years old and I use to get something like this.

Last month when we we were in a different area, I would buy my fruits and veggies from street vendors around the corner. They have a great selection and the prices are suitable for locals so no need to haggle.

If you are concerned about the overuse of plastic you may want to carry around some cloth bags and reusable containers. All around Asia they're becoming more aware of the problem so the vendors will understand. In some cases, food is already in plastic. Hopefully they will work toward a solution.

I snapped this while she was chewing
I snapped this while she was chewing

It amazes me how similar the street vendors can be to the ones in Mexico. The food is of course different. Thailand has noodles and rice while Mexico has tacos and tortillas. Some things like corn on the cob were sold in Mexico but you always had a choice of butter and chili. I don't see that here but I haven't looked closely.


I was hoping to go crazy eating durian in Asia but it's still not in season so on average it tends to be around eight dollars. I may splurge soon. Jackfruit seems to be a reasonable price but I can only eat so much of it then I get bored. I love durian. I'm hoping to still be around for the season but it would take a miracle.

Jackfruit shells
Jackfruit shells

With the weather being warm all year round, you can do almost everything outside if you love the heat. A cocktail at an open air bar is very enjoyable. If you get a seat near the street you can watch the action going on everywhere.

Some bars only have the fun drinks, so if you'd like to have some food at the same time, you needn't worry. There will be one of those vendors cooking food nearby on the street, so you could easily order your food and in many cases they'll deliver it right to your table where you are having a drink.

It's not only food that you can purchase in a hurry. You can buy a t shirt casual or dressy. I've bought dresses on the street and they didn't cost much at all. You have to really pick through because the fashions are a little different than in North America.

If you're at a restaurant, and you spill your drink on your shirt, you can excuse yourself, run on the street, buy a shirt and get to the washroom to put it on. No body will realize that you're totally clumsy except the people that saw you spill.


If you are a designer clothing snob, you probably won't be interested in purchasing clothes off the street. If you want to pretend to be a designer clothes snob, you can save money by getting fakes on the street. I wouldn't know the difference but then I really don't care about those things. My boyfriend stepped in a puddle and realized his sandals had a big hole in them. Within minutes, he was wearing a new pair and they were much nicer and more comfortable.

There is no shortage of variety when it comes to street vendor items. The most tacky souvenirs can be found there. You don't have to go to a special shop.

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If you forget to bring your glasses or drop them on the ground, have no fear. You can just replace them and go on your merry way.

The colorful items displayed on the street are what makes countries like this interesting and seem so alive. I rarely buy a thing from the vendors but I hope this part of the culture can continue.

As a Canadian I don't have much of this unless I go to Chinatown or a tourist area. Here in Bangkok you don't have to go anywhere but outside of your door.

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The photos were all snapped as candidly as possible. I know that often Thai people feel shy or uncomfortable to have their picture taken. I love to catch people unaware. It's a glimpse of life as it happens.

Hope you enjoyed your tour and have a great weekend!

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