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The Final Decision – To Morocco!

The Final Decision – To Morocco!

December 2019 · 12 min read · Monaco

Probably many of you don't know about my "#travel-project" or possibly you've forgotten about it cause it was around 9 months ago when I made some of the last posts about it. So, this is a short introduction to the more extensive description below...

I managed to arrive to Monaco, passing more than 800 km, stopping 2 nights in Mestre (Venezia, Italy) & 1 night in Genova (Italy). I still have like 1 800 km to reach Morocco. Here in Monaco I stopped to salute my mother & to rest a bit & have been hosted by her boyfriend & she for a coupe of days. Tomorrow I continue towards Montpellier (France) & the day after I continue towards Barcelona (Spain).

I even managed to be understood & supported by 2 sponsors!!! & there is still opportunity for diverse collaboration with me on this project!

I hope you'll enjoy reading... Thanks in advance!

The Silver Sponsor – Gole Sport

The Bronze Sponsor - Čisto Čišće

On the very day of St. Nicholas, I have finally decided to embark on a journey I have been planning for a long time – from Croatia to Morocco. St. Nicholas being the guardian and protector of the travelers, the traders and the sailors, and my name being Nikica, it seemed only logical.

I have gotten my name from both of my grandfathers who were called Nikola, and were both great people, and I could surely call them my protectors – they have protected their families as well as people in general. Both of my grandfathers were antifascists, and one of them had survived a German concentration camp. One of my grandfathers named Nikola was a wealthy man. He was an engineer in energetics and had moved quite a lot in the former state of Yugoslavia where he brought electricity to many cities and villages and he ran, built and repaired hydro-power plants. Besides having been active in his homeland, grandpa had also traveled around the world to become more accomplished in what he does. He had always shared his wealth with others because he had a big heart beating inside him! What he really wanted is for other people to have the same material well-being that he himself had had, which is a story which my grandmother still enjoys telling me, although she never manages not to cry. The other grandpa Nikola was – believe it or not – a police officer! It is a familiar story from the Yugoslav times, how their police force had taken its job seriously in protecting the society from “scum”, criminals, the separatist and the fascist – especially after WWII! Grandpa (the officer) Nikola also enjoyed travelling and moving which he had to do because of his work, although only within the borders of Yugoslavia... I’m not saying that all that my grandfathers had done was positive because nobody is perfect, and then there is the physical dimension in which we reside – the planet is an interaction of duality and contradiction so there is some bad in everything that is good and vice versa!

I often feel the presence of my grandfathers and their strength which somehow flows through me. Oftentimes, I will tell the story of each of them “inhabiting” each of my arms. This is the reason, this awareness and consciousness, this fearlessness and the insatiable desire for adventure, for making my dreams come true and making myself (come true) on various levels on which I want to fulfill my potential as a man, a photographer, a musician, a critic... I am embarking on this long, and judging by many, dangerous journey! However, I cannot consider anything impossible or even dangerous! My feelings are completely the opposite – Everything is possible! And “dangers” are everywhere and always! There are dangers present in your own house, in your own bed! There are dangers even where you believe yourself to be utterly safe. Safety is one of the biggest illusions that a great number of people lives in, & THE ONLY REAL CONSTANT IS CHANGE! Hypothetically speaking, every morning when you leave your house and you go to work, you could be hit by a cow which had fallen out of an airplane! Hypothetically, the house you have been building for years using seemingly solid materials like stone, wood or glass, can come down on your head in 1 or 2 seconds, if Mother Earth makes a shake! So, stop wasting time on illusory safety! Get out of the false comfort because everything is fleeting, everything besides our soul(s)! Live your life!

To be honest, though, lately I have lost the will to stay in my most beautiful homeland – #Croatia, and this is due to the horrible situation which was brought about by our local politicians, people who are systematically destroying the people living here. They are selling us to foreigners, and they expel the local people from their homes, and their country. I am tired from fighting windmills! I am tired of my ideas not being recognized and instead them being rejected, as well as my projects... The projects that are intended for the greater good, the projects that are unacceptable to the local structures just because I am considered to be politically and otherwise unsuitable. I am also tired of my ideas being stolen by the people I used to consider colleagues and friends. But these are not the reasons for my departure! The liars, the fraudsters, the crooks, the traitors and other “sinners” will surely find their place in the adequate circles of Hell of their own making. They already reside in them, whether they know it or not, and the karma will undeniably get her grip on them sooner or later, so I don’t have to be a part of that, as does nobody! Time will tell everything, and the material wealth that you keep filling your pockets with is not something you can take to the grave with you. Even the “#RijekaECOC2020” (European Capital Of Culture 2020) crew did not see my project as “worthy” – they did not explain why they see it as uninteresting, and I have proposed an essentially good thing: to promote Rijeka through my collaboration with culturally active people during my entire journey. I have offered #Twingo as a certain “moving commercial”, and myself as an ambassador of culture: the idea was to make the back seat of #Twingo an info-base full of official promotional material for “#RijekaECOC2020” – my duty would be to tell everybody about this big, local, all-year-round-festival, and to invite the people I meet on my way to visit #Rijeka in the year to come. Naturally, all of the activities would be recorded with a camera and followed up with appropriate texts, and the “tangible” result of this journey would come to life as a travel diary and a documentary film. It has not been recognized, but devalued. Consequently, I feel harassed and belittled. A lady in #Rijeka has even told me to pull a connection or two in the “#RijekaECOC2020” because I do know some of the people who are participating in the organization, but I do to want to do that. That is exactly what I do not support – the disgusting nepotism which is destroying our society.

However, I am not a man to give up so fast on my intentions because the so-called “professionals” in their nepotism, their babbitry (petty bourgeoisie), and the fashion of their fake and bought diplomas have belittled my ideas! I ask you: “Who are you even?! And how dare you?!” – But I do not wish to bother you with these thoughts... It is in vain to call on their responsibility.

And now, some positive lines and more specific reasons for me embarking on this long journey...

Until now, it has come to my attention that, given that I am acquainted with a greeeat number of people (a thing I love to joke about that “actually, they know me because I am a star), I am a person who connects people, and this trait of mine will continue on this journey! It will probably continue throughout my life! As Nokia has long ago invented its slogan “connecting people”, and which was taken by the Balkan people and used for the characteristic beverage #rakija, I realized I can also use it for myself... So I have, and without any doubt I can say that I am “#Karas – Connecting People”.

The main goals, the purpose and the mission of this trip are to meet people, to meet my old buddies and to blend them all in all kinds of #multimedia, #cultural, #artistic, #fun and #ecological (#activist) projects which I will be “catching” in text, photography and videos.

The result of this journey WILL BE a travel diary (travelogue monograph) AND a documentary film!

Despite of “#RijekaECOC2020” not having approved of my project, I will keep promoting my beautiful homeland of Croatia, and most of all, my maritime paradise – The Heaven On Earth – #Istria and The #Kvarner Bay – on all levels, and especially my beautiful people: because nothing is as bad as it seems! The proof for this was revealed to me in the months that took me to boost this project promotionally, which was cc 8 to 9 months ago... I have organized a birthday party in #Opatija where I have been graced by the performances of great (and wonderful): Tom Jay, Edin Haliti, Marcel and Super Sayan, as well as a large number of my friends and acquaintances who have made some small, but to me personally – really meaningful contributions – for this goal, which has made me immensely grateful. It is an indication that I am worth something as an artist and that this project of mine has been recognized in those places where it matters most – amongst my people.

I have been supported by Snježana Žana Boyd, Lorena Letić, Renée Diama, Maja Biondić & Enya Ashley Čirjak, who have painted #Twingo, and a few days before my departure I have made plans to acquire a few other local artistic imprints for #Twingo.

Aside from this, a small entrepreneur from Pula has also recognized his chance to participate in my project and internationally advertise his business – “Gole Sport”. In having done this, he has shown what a great man he is! The sticker advertising his business will decorate my #Twingo all the way to #Morocco and back, and it will be shown in all of my media issues and all of the social networks which I use. “Gole Sport” has chosen the Silver Sponsorship to support me (500,00 €) and have agreed to do the following:

In the last minute, I was also supported by the local firm "Čisto Čišće d.o.o." with 300,00 €! They have chosen the bronze sponsorship:

Once a week, I will publish my #multimedia #travel #diaries on the following web pages: Torpedo, Pod Učkun, The Regional Express and Poriluk (web domain and radio station) as well as KanalRi– where you will be able to see all of my sponsors!

It is still not too late to make a sponsorship deal with me, and the offers are the following (except the Silver & the Bronze - which you can still choose!):

The Platinum Sponsorship – 1 000,00 €

The Golden Sponsorship – 700,00 €:

That would be all from me – for now... I hope I have not left anybody or anything out, and if I have, I am sorry! I’ll see you soon (that is you’ll see me soon) – as soon as I get over a few hundred kilometers towards West and gather the material for further announcements!

Truly Yours,

Nikica Karas

The Silver Sponsor – Gole Sport

The Bronze Sponsor - Čisto Čišće

In case you really like this project and the way I intend to make it happen, you can send donations my way as a form of your support. Make your donations to the following accounts:

Croatian Kuna Account – Erste Bank: HR4224020063101337107 / HR9524020063208285831

Foreign Currency Account – Erste Bank: HR9524020063208285831

Foreign Currency & Crypto: GB90REVO00997069208926

Images of Twingo promoting local artists:

Media Announcements:

KanalRi (Rijeka, Croatia):

Poriluk (Rijeka, Croatia):

Regional Express (Istria, Croatia):

Torpedo (Rijeka, Croatia):

Pod Učkun (Opatija, Croatia):

If you are a journalist or you know some media not based in Croatia & would be interested in collaboration, please suggest or contact me directly cause I'll be having many texts in English, accompanied by photos & videos!


My Social Network Profiles:


Translated from Cro to En by the incredible - Tea Marković - if you need any similar translations, feel free to contact her on Facebook!


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Thanks for reading!

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