Today we had day three of the Pentecost holiday and we went skiing, in Zoetermeer Holland. Its a ski dome and a great one. 

With 3 slopes, and one of the steepest indoor slopes in Europe and 3 ski lifts SnowWorld Zoetermeer offers a unique experience on real snow. Come along and experience it in this blog.

We booked this trip last year but due to the covid rules the dome was closed for 6 months. The people like us with reservations got a coupon to use later. Later was today. We went with the family as this was a practice day before we supposedly were going skiing last year, so now it was just for fun. The fact that we had to pull out the ski gear in may is weird hahahah. But first a cake, outside because we cannot eat or drink inside, some covid rules are still here. Like the only 30 people totally in the dome

We just had to get the gear for the kids, we brought our own shoes and helmets. For the kids we rent because they grow so fast, but with and empty hall that was easy peasy and in 7 minutes we were in the snow.

The slopes are 20% steep and with a pancake ski lift to go up. Normally when you get upstairs there is a bar but also that one is closed. So we went up and down many times. The snowboard fun slope was closed. But today was about skiing, next time we will go and board again.

It was a great day, and I forgot that it was so much fun to be a free as a bird on the skies. The kids are so flexible and learn so fast. The ski poles were left down by the lift and they had fun. Ofcourse they fell also and they had fun throwing snow balls at dad at the end.

The fact that this big ski dome was closed for so many months has made so much of a difference, the guy at the front office told me and my husband that all the personell was fired at the start of the lock down and that since 19 may last so only 5 days ago they were allowed open again so 30 % of the staff was hired back. The government is coming with covid eases from 28th may next so hopefully they can fully open up again, and start earning again. We already paid last year so they didn’t make money of us today, well except for the red velvet cake , coffee and cake.

A helmet is compulsory at all SnowWorld locations. You can rent a helmet for free or you can bring your own helmet. We brought our own and I think its better to wear one, because you never know better safe than sorry.  

To do free ski or snowboard day, you need to reserve a time slot online for 1 to up to 4 hours during the day untill 21 oclock at night . Rental equipment is optional as I said for our kids, but adults aswell. and can be booked  there is always sufficient material in stock. You can contact snowworld normally 365 days a year, except for years where our enemy can be Covid-19.

WHAT CLOTHES DO I NEED TO WEAR? ( taken from the website ) 

It is -6°C on the slopes at SnowWorld. It is advisable to wear warm clothing and gloves are compulsory.  You can hire a ski suit and helmet from us and gloves are available to buy.

The slope was almost empty and there was no waiting time at the lift
The slope was almost empty and there was no waiting time at the lift 

When you want to have fun in spring, well its spring here in the netherlands but its rating daily so, but normally its great weather. So when you want to have fun in the snow this is such a great idea for an family outting.

This is me and @colpowercoll just before we go down the slope for the last time, for a great snack and a Coca Cola, well deserved. For more info on where you can get this Unox sandwich with ketchup. For more info on where you can get this Unox sandwich with ketchup.

I am sitting here on the couch, after a day of fun, writing this blog and reliving the holidays we had in Austria. What a great Pentecost weekend. If you have the opportunity to go indoor skiing somewhere do it, its always such a treat.

For now, I will go and hopefully dont feel the muscle pain tomorrow. For more information 

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