Hi there, Welcome to my adventurer....

Indonesia is very rich in its natural resources, this is what makes tourists interested to visit it. Aceh in particular, the landscape that presents the beauty of forests, mountains, beaches and islands.

I am very grateful to live in Indonesia, because I can enjoy his beautiful nature.

This time I traveled to Sabang Island to enjoy the beach and underwater atmosphere. It could be said this is my little getaway.

From the port of Ulee Lheu Banda Aceh I first crossed by sea for 2 hours to the Port of Balohan Sabang. I went straight to Kota Sabang to find a good place to rest.

From the city of Sabang I went straight to Iboih Beach to find lodging, after which I will find a good place for snorkling.

Iboih Sabang Beach is very interesting to visit, because the natural scenery is very beautiful. Coral reefs, white sand and clear water make me calm and comfortable. Iboih Sabang Beach is also visited by foreign tourists in the world, they come to enjoy the beauty of the underwater island of Sabang.

I am very glad to see Aceh's natural potential that is still awake like Sabang Island, all very clean and peaceful here. I will return again bernostagia to Iboeh Beach Sabang, I am not satisfied to get around looking for a more beautiful place.

Thank you for seeing my post, hopefully fun for you. Do not forget to visit here if you have more time for vacation, I highly recommend it for you who like the beach.

Have a good day ...