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Lake Kaco, Jambi Indonesia

Kerinci district holds a lot of beauty and biodiversity. This factor that makes the nature lovers interested to explore to Kerinci Jambi, Indonesia. In addition to its famous Mount Kerinci, Kerinci Regency is also known for its beautiful lake-lake. One of them that I want to write is Lake Kaco.

Lake Kaco (the language of Kerinci) in Indonesian glass lake. Kaco lake is located in Lempur Village Lempur District Kerinci Regency, Jambi Indonesia.

Not long ago down from Mount Kerinci, me and the team just had an overnight break at the climbers basecamp. In the morning we left for Sungai Penuh for logistical expenses, me and the team will continue our journey to Kaco Lake.

After shopping at Kota Sungai Penuh we will proceed to Lempur Village, me and the team will spend the night there. Our trip is quite far, from Full River City to Lempur Village takes 3 hours. We have been waiting for the Students of Nature Lovers Lempur there, we are happy with their welcome.

December 7, 2017
The start of my trip and the team to Lake Kaco. Previously we had done a good preparation to get there, that is learning from the trips that we have done. This is our last cruise in Kerinci district, so we'll have fun there until satisfied.

Like the name of the village Lempur which means mud, the shadow of the path to Lake Kaco is watery and muddy. So we already provide shoes that match the condition of the field is watery and muddy.

Initially the path that we passed was not too difficult, just a sandy road and some already in the way of concrete.

We will walk for 5 hours to get to the location, because the muddy terrain makes the long journey. There are two rest areas to go through, namely Shelter 1 and Shelter 2.

Mid-way we met with other returning visitors, apparently they failed to get to the location because of the inadequate supplies and food. They did not find out about the route to Lake Kaco, so they failed to get there.

We had a stop at Shelter 1 to take a break and continue on to Shelter 2. But not as easy as I mentioned and not as easy as seen on youtube, this journey is very tiring. Because the load that we carry is equivalent to climbing the mountain for 4 days, so we should enjoy this trip.

In shelter 2 we just take a short break, because our power has been filled before the trip. From shelter 2 we will go directly to the location, due to almost dusk and dark. Something we do not expect when traveling, illegal logging by irresponsible people. Almost all the trees along the path have been tripe to be gardens, this is a sight that is not for me as a nature lover.

We already have data on return home, which is about forest destruction in Kerinci Seblat National Park (TNKS) area, this will be the evaluation material for the National Park.

Finally after a long journey, we arrived at the destination. Precisely at 18:08 pm, we immediately looked for a good place to set up camp.

Me and the team were so excited about seeing Kaco Lake, the tiredness of the trip paid off with the beauty of Lake Kaco. You can see for yourself the blue water and the green forest around it, this Heaven is hidden for me and the team.

Lake Kaco is not too big like the other lakes, Diameter of the lake is only 15x15 meters and Depth 18 meters. Previously we have been reminded by the locals not to be arrogant and happy during there, because not long ago we visited the lake Kaco some died drowned. So we have to be careful over there, as well as for those of you who want to visit Lake Kaco.

Our first day on Lake Kaco.

December 8, 2017
I woke up early to make breakfast and do other things. Like my previous habits, I wanted to do an observation around Lake Kaco.

I did observations around the lake, following the observations I got.

It was already daylight, my observation was enough. We will cook for lunch and after the meal we will enjoy the fresh water of the lake.

There are some fauna and flora that I managed to take pictures, this will be our trip data to Lake Kaco.

Chat casually while preparing lunch.

*Bamboo bamboo shoots*

*Chili sauce green*

Play @bonesumpal style

Play @bonesumpal style

The second day on Lake Kaco.

December 9, 2017
Our last day to enjoy the beauty of Lake Kaco, I will play as much. Today is Sunday, usually Lake Kaco crowded visited the community for a picnic. In the morning they left and in the evening they went home. I'm still lounging in front of the camp enjoying the blue water of Kaco in the sun, it's like in heaven for me.

Around 10 am the sound of crowds already ringing, other nature lovers have arrived. They seemed to get along with the other visitors as well as us, we did a lot of activities that day. Cooking, fishing, photos together and chatting.

There was a most special day, we get Fish Semah from the fishing. Semah fish is an endemic fish in We've been playing all day, all went well. Sweet travel cover for me and the team. We immediately get ready to go home before dark, we will go home with other visitors. At 16.30 we left Lake Kaco, all went well and we arrived in the village safely. That's it.

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Natural kerinci very beautiful and still natural, human must be aware to maintain the balance of ecosystem. So, let us both keep the natural beauty of Kerinci Jambi, Indonesia.

Thank you for seeing and reading this pictorial paper, hopefully your day is fun.
Thank you for my institution UKM-PA UMPAL, brother @irwanumpal, @dikamtp, Ketol Umpal, Sulka Suska, Arif Tapakba and @seuramoeoutdoor. Glad to be adventurous with you, success always for you guys.