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Uzhhorod-Lisbon. Day 10. Chilling on Balaton

Uzhhorod-Lisbon. Day 10. Chilling on Balaton

December 2019 · 3 min read · Central Transdanubia

This is a part of my cyclist's diary - this journey was made this year, I started in Ukraine and went to Portugal. You can visit my blog and find another parts of it.

Have a feeling i'm lost in time and space. My cycling goes not so fast as could be - only 660 km from the start. And 10 days from 70 planned. From Hungary it's still a long way to Lisbon...

Climbed the highest hill on Tihany peninsula, there is a view of the whole lake. From the wooden tower on the top, you can see the landscape of water, fields and water again.

Made 57 kms today. Not so fast as possible.

Local people on the beach where i camped asked me am i from Germany? No, Ukraine. In my country today they are celebrating Independance day (24 August). And me - drinking tea on the shore of Balaton. Not the worst way of spending holidays, isn't it? :).

I was born in Soviet Union. Country, where you had to obtain a visa to get OUT. Your application was carefully checked by KGB - can they allow you to visit foreign countries (of course, countries from the Socialist block) or not. And you had to travel only on a bus on package tour with other soviet people and a guard from KGB.

That's how my mom visited Hungary and Yugoslaviya. Soviet people were so impressed of travelling abroad, that they stealed spoons in restourants and got drunk deadly every day, collecting all free food from "all-you-can-eat-table". My mom felt uncomfortable being in such "barbaric" company. Of course, she didn't do that shit).

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There were also a lot of good impressions. Among them, visiting Balaton lake, on which i'm staying now. Saw it on mom's black and white photo in my childhood.

Flowers are still everywhere, as my mom told me:).

Сьогодні 10 день подорожі. Із 70 чи близько того. Повільно їду, 660 км за цей час подолав. Не їдеться в іншому темпі, і все. І мотивація поспішати також відсутня, це той момент, коли трохи загубився в просторі і часі.

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Зайшов в воду, вона тут особливого мармурового кольору. На протилежному березі Балатона почалася гроза, і трішки було видно веселку. Поплив їй назустріч, але не доплив. Не можна надовго залишати свої речі на березі без нагляду, раптом паспорт пропаде.

Був на півострові Тіхань, заліз-заштовхав велосипед на найвищий пагорб, звідси все озеро видно.

Місцеві жителі на пляжі - ну як пляжі, просто дорога заходить в воду - де я поставив свій намет, запитують, чи я не з Дойчляндії. Ні, кажу, Україна. Співвітчизники, мабуть, зараз святкують, а я тут чай п'ю на березі.

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