A question with a very easy answer. What is the most important fair these days? Obviously: Christmas Fair!

In most of our world such fairs are happening now. The most famous, big and beautiful are in Vienna, Paris ... probably in all the major cities of Europe and the US, in many other places that I don't know and I apologize for not having mentioned them.

For many years such a fair has been happening in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. The city where I live. The city I love but I often hate.

This year, even today, I visited this fair. I'm going for the first time. I thought I should see and show you how such a fair looks on the edge of Europe. I know someone who is fascinated by Christmas, by its beauty and brilliance. Denise, our colleague @dswigle, the promoter and host of a challenge called #MarketFriday, a much more generous challenge than its name shows.

The fair was placed in front of a building known worldwide. An emblematic building for Romania. Parliament building.


This building is the second largest in the world after the Pentagon! People are impressed by size but if we think a little we will see that something is not right. A small country, smaller than many of the states that make up the US, could build such a huge building. Has a world power built a building, the largest and a "dwarf" for Romania to build the second? Why?!

Only out of greatness and madness!

It was Ceausescu's dream and greatness! Ceausescu, illiterate dictator of Romania. I grew up under his shadow and his oppression. When in Romania people had no food, were not allowed to leave the country, were not free, then this palace was built. The dictator's power had to be shown. The dictator died, was executed then, in 1989, when the Romanian revolution was victorious. The dictator died but his symbol, his building remained. This is why I cannot love this building. In addition, many people died in its construction and is now the seat of the Romanian Parliament. Other reasons not to like the place!

The fair, however, has no fault. The plateau in front of this building is the place where most events take place in Bucharest. Here they had concerts: Pavarotti, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Cure, Red Hot Chili Pepper ...

The Christmas Fair in Bucharest

A beautiful, beloved fair. Every night the place is filled with people, especially young people and families with children. There are also many tourists, who also find it difficult to visit the fair and the old center. This fair was added to the reasons that a foreigner would like to visit Bucharest (apart from the low prices and the beautiful girls).

... but let's take a little tour!

Before exemplifying with images I say that I discovered a shortcoming of this fair. Like any fair, the main purpose is the commercial one, so it is aimed more at adults and their desire to buy. It seems to me that it addresses less to children, as it would be normal.

Whatever I do and no matter how much I dislike, I cannot ignore the huge building. It can be seen from afar, long before we see the fair.



As soon as I entered the fair I was attracted by the offer found in the many small houses that each is a small store.


The first ones offered for admiration and sale the famous Horezu clay plates. Unique models, they are made only in that region of Romania.



Then, as well known and appreciated, the Korund pottery. A pottery made by Hungarian craftsmen, from a village in Transylvania.






Sales are going well, to the satisfaction of the sellers.


Apart from being a potter, folk craftsmen also work with metal. Gypsy craftsmen are famous for their brass or copper coffee barrels.


We also find clothes, these are traditional Hungarian. Very nice but I do not know who buys them, probably foreign tourists.


As I said, I think a Christmas fair should be aimed mainly at children, but I noticed that the offer is mainly for adults. Food, food, drink, clothes, decorations.

The food.

Well, the food is good quality. Bio! Products obtained by traditional methods, not in factories but in small farms located in the least polluted places in the country. That pays. The prices are pretty peppery.

Pork products.





A real food "orgy", very hard to resist. I was "lucky". A problem with my teeth now prevents me from eating meat.


Not too many things. Actually just one kind of fish. Smoked trout.



A fish that lives in the cold mountain waters. In unpolluted waters.






Finally something for children.

Pies and ... smartphone!




What to drink on a cold winter evening. That should have been a cold winter evening but no, it wasn't too cold. It was really hot. So hot that the little ice rink didn't freeze so well that it could be used.


The drinks matched a cold winter evening. No beer, just boiled wine and rum. Rom from Vienna.



I drank boiled, sweet and aromatic wine and ate a cheese pie. It was good.



The kids

Of course there is something for children too. Who has greater conviction power than children?

It's a Santa's house. Santa came by car, it would have been harder with the reindeer. In this house children meet Santa Claus and say their wishes. I didn't come in because I didn't have a child with me.





The Carousel

The carousel is a great temptation. Which child could resist?

Children have their place. They are happy and very eager to take turns in the carousel. I walked among the storefronts, more to see the offer and to see the people. It was crowded and I am fascinated to see many people gathered, together and yet separated. Each with his wishes and problems. Everyone with his world!




In one corner was reconstituted the scene of the birth of Christ. Too few are interested in this. Because of Santa, they forgot where everything came from. Why do we have holidays now.


Then I left home ...

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Thank you!
I made this post with passion, effort and respect for you. I hope the result proves it.
Since English is not my first language, please forgive any grammatical errors.


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