This last winter was very scratchy with snow and ice. More than ever. This situation, this warming of the climate, however, has been observed for many years ago. We can say that we were not taken unprepared.

People, through the power of innovation and technology, have begun to prepare for such situations. Now almost every ski resort has snow cannons and any larger city has ice rinks.

Around such an ice rink I recently traveled to Iasi, Romania. This is a seasonal ice rink and lives its last days before being dismantled. Everything happens in the garden of the Palace of Culture, the most beautiful building in the city.

In this beautiful Wednesday from early spring I chose, I do not know how long, to walk in the most beautiful place in Iasi. Through the garden that separates the Palace of Culture from Palace Mall. Part of downtown very loved by tourists.


The beauty of the place is amplified by the contrast between the old and majestic building of the Palace and the modern part, with glass constructions, the walkways that invite to visit, photograph and smile. Because we always smile in front of beauty!

It was a real surprise to meet an ice rink in this garden. An ice rink that is always the joy of the children!



I instantly regretted not knowing how to skate. I am not talented in such sports and every attempt I had, both skiing and skating ended with quite serious injuries. So I just have to admire the pleasure and ease with which children and young people enjoy the gift received, the artificial ice.

A blue sky with sun, ice and a modern and welcoming atmosphere. A place where you can spend a few hours with pleasure. Even if only looking!

This was the surprise of the walk, especially since I had not been in this garden for more than five months and I did not know about the arrangement of this ice rink.

The main purpose of the walk was another. I wanted to revisit a place that I like very much from an architectural point of view. I like the architecture, I like the modern buildings, the glass in which it is reflected. I like the architecture and the way this complex was built. I like to take a walk and to photograph, to find the most unusual angles for photos. I like how the perspective seems to bend the view.



The surface is not very large and there are not many buildings but I like how they are arranged. It is a place full of restaurants, terraces. A place where there are many visitors. A unique place in a city best known for its old, historic buildings. As I said before, I like how the buildings are reflected in the glass of the other buildings. It offers a surreal image.



But most of all I like a passage, a walkway, which connects the two parts of the Palace Mall. It seems to me a wonderful and very photogenic work, with its straight lines and curves.





A small corner of this wonderful architectural complex highly appreciated not only by the inhabitants and tourists but also by the specialists. It received a special award in 2013. "Building of the year in south-eastern Europe."


I must not forget about the surroundings, the Palace of Culture and the garden, the perfect places for walking, relaxing and visiting.





In conclusion, if you visit Romania then you must have on the list the city of Iasi and if you come to Iasi you cannot ignore this complex of special beauty.