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Fitness Photoshoot - Switzerland day two

Fitness Photoshoot - Switzerland day two

December 2019 · 4 min read · Switzerland

I went to see my cousin in Switzerland and we decided to do some photoshoots for his instagram account about fitness. Day One [HERE]( Day two started a bit later as we wanted to miss the rush hour morning traffic. Our first destination was Blausee lake. It is a small lake, in the Kander valley above Kandergrund at 887 metres. It is accessible by car, and then just a short walk through the beautiful trail. There is a ticket to get into the area.

We stopped for a coffee and asked around about our next destination. We had another lake in mind that was near this one (can't remember the name). Waitress informed us that it is not that far by car but then it is over a hour hike (there is a cable car but it was not working, well it was but we are from Serbia and Swiss have a different perspective on prices and paychecks :) )

Considering the time needed to hike, equipment carried and my fitness levels, we abandoned the lake idea and headed to Lauterbrunnen and Staubbach Falls. It is just not possible to capture the look and feel of that waterfall, and i tried, from all kind of angles.

There is a trail that gets you under the fall. Quite a lot of stairs and steep incline, again my fitness was tested, but the view is nice, and the splashing waterfall is refreshing (if it is summer). *(first photo is a panorama taken from under the fall)*

In Lauterbrunnen we checked the store to get something to bite and make further plans. It was around 3PM so we had time for another destination before we head back home. We decided on Belvédère Hotel. A friend of his told him it is a interesting thing to see, and navigation was showing "not that far away", so why not. Some of you that know how Furka Pass looks like, know that it is not that simple.

After spending over 1000 km on Swiss roads, i feel half of the Swiss looks like the photo below. These falls are everywhere and they are huge.

This is a brave little soldier that got us through Furka Pass. It is a VW Polo 1.0 liter (999cc) it says 95bhp and it works on 3 cylinders. Perfectly fine for city roads, interesting for Furka Pass.

After some climbing we came across our first dam. Our little 3 cylinder Polo was not happy but nothing really serious. But we started joking that there is no hotel on the view and will we actually make it. As we did 0 research we thought there is the top of the mountain, it must be there. And we see it, it does not look that far.

After the tunnel in the photo, there is an 11% climb and we were going hardly 30km/h in second gear, flatout, pedal to the floor.

So we got to the top, and we were wrong. We were really wrong :D

And how wrong were we. Well the photo below is taken from the Hotel parking lot, and in the upper right of the photo you can see the lake that we thought is the top.

Just in front of the hotel there is Rhône Glacier. You see how much research we did, when we missed the info about the Glacier. We were late for the tour (they work till 7PM and it was 10 to 7). I am a bit sorry for that because who knows will i ever be there again, and will the Glacier be there. In the last century Rhône Glacier retreated 1.400 meters. Some years ago they started covering part of it with "blankets" to slow down the melting.

Hotel looks interesting, and it is in really good shape, especially because it is closed for over a decade. Swiss made a tunnel through the alps so the road is not used regularly and most people on it are there for an interesting drive and site seeing.

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As sun started to set, we continued through Furka Pass and headed home. We quickly realise that sun is shining only on the top of the Alps. Rest of the Switzerland was under the clouds.

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I do recommend this pass for everyone who loves interesting roads and beautiful nature. Get a decent car and drive safe, because if you miss the road, the fall is quite long :)

Day two, 13 hours on the road, this started to feel like a quick start guide of Swiss Alps. But at least i seen a lot.

*All photos taken with Canon 80D, Canon 85mm and Sigma 18-35mm lenses.*

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