From an early age, he had a strong attraction towards any mosque, temple or palace rich in history or history. Wherever I go, I first find out if there is a famous palace, or an old mosque in the area. Maybe these old traditions will not be discovered at one time due to lack of proper maintenance.
Anyway, the two friends decided to go to Bagerhat to see the mosque. But I got a lot of traffic and found Bagerhat very close to Pirojpur. Then why miss Pirojpur. Visit a new district. So first of the night, I went from Sadarghat to Hulrahat-Bhandaria Gami Farhan launch. Deck rent is Tk 20.


The next morning I went down to Hulrahat. Breakfast at a restaurant next to Hullerhat, I took the auto and went to the old bus stand. From the bus stand, I got on the Bagerhat Gami bus. Rent is only Tk. It took hours to shorten some of the time. Arriving at Bagerhat I heard that auto-rickshaw was forbidden for road work. So, forced to go to the rickshaw and went to the sixty dome mosque. For admission, I bought two tickets at a price of Tk 20 per person. First, when I saw the mosque, I could not say Subhanullah. Soon it seemed that school life was coming to the SS Passage SSC board in Cochrane with this sixty domes! Chat Lounge Within hours the whole mosque and the horse came out on my side.

On the opposite side of the highway road next to the counter is the location of Singai Mosque. We did not go to see the mosque of Bass Singai, but to see the dome mosque. Nine domed mosque is located next to Khan Jahan Ali's shrine. Along with this, the shrine was also visited. Then I took the rickshaw and went to the bus stand. He is happy to give Rickshaw mama 5 rupees. We are happy not to ask for extra money. He was with us for an hour and a half. From Bastand again, I went for a 3 rupee bus fare to Pirojpur old bus stand. From here I decided to rent a rickshaw for Tk.

Rairakathi zamindarbari still carries with it four hundred years of tradition. Built by ancient monasteries and fine craftsmanship, the zamindarbari has the Kali and Shiva temples built during the Mughal rule. However, it is neglected and ignored! I came back to the new bus stand. The current destination is Barguna.

From Pirojpur, I came on a bus ride to Barguna. After leaving Pataguja at Barguna Town Hall, I left for the bus to see the traditional Bibchini Mosque. From the counter, I took a ticket for 5 rupees to the Nematasha Bazar of Betagi. It took an hour and a half. Bibchini Shahi Mosque is one of the most historic sites in our country.

In 6, Hazrat Shah Niamatullah (R) came to this region from Persia to spread Islam. The mosque and the village here are named after his daughter "Hayach Bibi Chiniar". The 'Bibi Chini' mosque was also established during the Mughal period. After seeing the mosque, the rickshaw fare went up to Niamat Shah Bazar at 20 rupees. Bike from the bazaar, I pressed on to the bakerganj. Rent 1 Taka. From Bagerganj, you can go to Barisal by renting a bus for 1-4pm. Arriving at Barisal, after eating dinner at 4 pm, they paid the rent for 5 rupees directly to Jadu city Dhaka.

Vidra: Antiquities are our wealth. Please do not attempt to write or draw on anyone. Make sure you do not damage the surrounding environment. Of course, treat the locals well and you will benefit.