I think it was best tour for me. I never forget that tour. I started my jouney Kalyan leaves Uoar Banga bus from Puri bus stand.Natore's rent is 5 taka. The voyage began at 12pm and reached NATO at 6am. At 5pm the Natore Madrasa goes down, from which it can walk to Rajbari.



It will take 5 minutes, and Otto will charge you 3-5 rupees.
Entry fee to Raj Bhavan is 5 Taka. In the meantime, after visiting the Raj Bhavan, Kaligari was at the Kachigolla store. The auto fare will take 5 bucks. I went to Pachur Hotel with Tarapar Raw Gola and finished my breakfast. He made 3 bucks for rent. Rajbari, Kachgolla shop, Pachur Hotel are not too far from Madrasa Mor. And the auto fare is between Rs. At the end of the breakfast I went to Ato Yoga, to the Ura mass building, Autowara 3 Taka.
aban went to Madrasa More bus stand, Bogura bus left for 5-6 minutes, fare 3 rupees

Gonobhaban went to Madrasa More bus stand, Bogura bus left for 5-6 minutes, fare 3 rupees
At 12.4 pm, I reached Bogra and left for seven heads to eat lunch.
I bought the famous Bogra yogurt from Asian Sweets and ate it at the district school grounds. (Tk 20 kg)


There is a runner shopping mall in Bogra, a very modern shopping mall. Mushfiqur Rahim's home is in the city. After reading this, I went to join CNG, Mahasthangarh rent for 5 rupees. In Mahasthangarh you will see a shrine, museum, and some of the lower hills. Seeing these, I went to the house of Behula. Auto rental costs 5 rupees. The mahasthangarh we actually see in the picture is the house of Behula - so it cannot be missed.

Again I went to Bogra city, at 4 pm I played Cunnu's Chunnu Pressure and Luchi. At last I came back with seven heads. I tried the street food, it was good. Rickshaw fare in Bogra city will be between Rs. At 5 pm, I reached Dhaka at 4 am by pressing the bus. Bus fares Bogra> Dhaka 3 Taka
The cost was Rs.