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Double Shot Deakin: Canberra, AUSTRALIA

Double Shot Deakin: Canberra, AUSTRALIA

August 2023 · 3 min read · Canberra

Double Shot Deakin: Canberra, AUSTRALIA.jpg

Ah... I almost didn't visit this cafe. I was dropping off my wife to play for a short one hour concert... we were down to one car as the other was in for a service, and we had to race to get some ensemble administration work done afterwards before both heading off to teach again. So, to save some time, I was just going to drop her off and wait in the car until she was done.

But she said that there was a really nice cafe close by... and I should just get off my lazy arse and walk down to it and she would pick me up when she was finished. Better than waiting in the car... I almost didn't, but in the end, after much badgering about how lazy I was being and how it would be more comfortable in the cafe doing some work there instead of sitting in the car... I went.

So, Double Shot Deakin is a fairly popular place that seems to pretty much dominate the Deakin shops area! Honestly, I think that at least half the building and foot traffic are for this place!

The Space

Double Shot Deakin: Canberra, AUSTRALIA.jpg

The place is tastefully done up... a trendy sort of place, with ample indoor and outdoor seating. Lots of tradies taking a lunch-break from working on all the expensive homes nearby... and seemingly lots of "stay at home partners" meeting up for lunch and coffee for a bit of a local news chat.

Honestly, some of the overheard conversations were in equal measures, interesting... terrifying... mundane... and just plain weird! Sigh... weird glimpses into the lives of the comfortably well-off.

The Menu

Sadly, Double Shot has embraced the idiocy of QR codes... you can see their menu on their website:

One of these days... I will start replacing these QR codes with links to something a bit funnier...

The Food

Double Shot Deakin: Canberra, AUSTRALIA.jpg

Oh wow... I now know why my wife was telling me that I HAD to come to get a coffee! It is pretty decent stuff! Smooth...

Double Shot Deakin: Canberra, AUSTRALIA.jpg

I wasn't going to eat anything... but I often feel like I need to justify taking up a table for an hour or so... and there is only so long I can take to drink one coffee... and only so many coffees that I can stuff down my gullet as well!

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So, a orange and almond cake would fit the bill nicely... slow eating... but oh so tasty! I've gotten to really like these cakes... no regular flour, and so moist from the orange! Yum!

The Experience

I managed to land myself a nice corner where I was completely undisturbed by the staff... so, this is a perfect place for me! Unfortunately, I don't tend to be in this area... so I'm afraid that this place will just be a special treat for me! But if I am in the area... I will definitely be visiting again!

Maybe I'll make a special trip for lunch!

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Opening Times

Monday 5 am–2 pm
Tuesday 5 am–2 pm
Wednesday 5 am–2 pm
Thursday 5 am–2 pm
Friday 5 am–2 pm
Saturday 5 am–2 pm
Sunday 5 am–2 pm

Contact Details

Address: 7 Hopetoun Circuit, Deakin ACT 2600
Phone: (02) 6162 2027


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