Hello, this time, one day trip to the city of Ustroń. My goal on that day was the Czantoria Wielka mountain. I invite you to read the relation of August 28, 2019.

That day during the vacation I decided to go to Ustroń to take the ski lift to the highest mountain in this area. I arrived at the parking lot under the Czantoria Wielka mountain around 9am. Ustroń is a beautiful city famous in Poland for its spa resorts. I am here for the first time. I bought a ticket and took a seat on the lift chair. In the photo above a view of Czantoria Wielka from the bottom of the lift. I'm going up!

The car park is at an altitude of 380 m a.s.l. However, we go by the ski lift to 850 m a.s.l. While driving uphill, the machine takes photos that can be picked on upper station. After about 15 minutes I reached my destination. There are several restaurants and attractions here. After a meal in one of these places I set off on foot. At the very top of Czantoria Wielka at an altitude of 995 m a.s.l. there is an observation tower visible in the photo above.

From the upper station of the lift to the lookout tower is about 1 kilometer to walk. At the top is the Polish border with the Czech Republic. The tower lies on the Czech side. The steel structure has a height of about 30 meters and entrance fee is payable. I am right at the top of the tower, where the viewing platform is located (photo above). It will fit around 30 people. For one fee you can stay on the tower without restrictions. It was beautiful weather that day, but a very strong wind was blowing on the tower.

We have wonderful views from every direction. In the photo above, a view to the north, towards Ustroń, Skoczów and Lake Goczałkowickie. The live view is amazing. It was difficult to take photos because it was really windy and you could easily lose your phone. People from Poland and the Czech Republic meet at the tower, but they are usually very nice and use this attraction together. For the first time I am on such a lookout tower. As for me, a nice experience, but I do not recommend people with fear of heights.

In the photo above, a view to the east. You can see the country border bars at the bottom. In the background you can see the panorama of the Silesian Beskids. After leaving the tower, I returned to the upper station, where I ate dinner and then took the ski-lift down to the parking lot. The whole trip with breaks for food and taking photos takes about 4 hours. I recommend visiting this place for everyone. Czantoria Wielka can be reached on foot and then it is a full-day trip. Greetings to all who love traveling!

Photos used in the article are my private materials.

Thank you for reading!