Theatres are not very popular nowadays, either because of the lack of cultural activities or because people do not find it so attractive to go to a theatre to enjoy a theatre production.

I think the main problem that art faces is the privileged place that technology has with Smartphones, you can watch Netflix instead of going to see a movie and you can have fun with video games instead of using a console.

This is how the Smartphone has occupied the scene in the world, and this is serious we no longer read or appreciate the most genuine art visiting Instagram galleries like the Moma that New York.

The Caracas municipal theater was one of the most important artistic structures of the last century. It is 140 years old and was used initially to present opera and later used for musical events and plays. Its style can easily be confused with a classical theater but in reality it is neoclassical and at the same time eclectic, with a presidential box and side boxes with a capacity of more than 100 seats.

At its inauguration it presented the work of Giuseppe Verdi the troubadour. This theatre is one of the oldest neoclassical structures in South America, even older than the Colón theatre in Buenos Aires, Argentina, or the Amazonas theatre in the city of manaos in Brazil

The degree of culture of the people is measured by their actions so the theater was practically abandoned for more than 30 years, the lack of maintenance caused the deterioration of the planfond which was completely removed to be restored with a wooden roof. Many works of art such as sculptures and paintings were stolen.

Today, the theater is under the custody of the municipality, which has restored the structure and put it into operation. The theater currently has an annual program which includes the Caracas International Festival season, where companies from all over the world perform in the long-lived theater.

This situation is worrisome. We should not discard what we have learned as culture rather than conserve, collective creations such as theatre that are present all over the planet even in places like Africa and China long before Greece where festivals such as the Chinese shadow theatre that is at least 3000 years old are still celebrated.

This publication is to retake my studies of photo-documentarism, it is necessary for me to make a record of places that have cultural historical importance.