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SUN WORLD - Pure Adrenaline without Queues.

SUN WORLD - Pure Adrenaline without Queues.

January 2020 · 4 min read · Da Nang

Da Nang, Vietnam is famous for its beautiful beaches and the high Marble Mountains. But sometimes even us backpackers want to do something more thrilling. Admittedly on occasions even I need to get my adrenaline running and if you are like me, Da Nang has just the right place for you:

Welcome to Sun World. The Ticket Office, build in a Chinese architectural style and gives you an idea of what is awaiting you inside.

The entrance fee is only 150,000 Vietnamese Dong for tourists (around 5,50€) and you get access to almost every attraction in the Park.

The only rides not included in the entrance fee are the swan boats by the Bay (#27) and a secluded area for younger children (#39 - #43)

Optional you can also purchase a combo ticket which on top of the park entrance also includes a buffet dinner. The price is 269,000 Dong for adults and 169,000 for children.

While this sounds like a good deal I don't really recommend this ticket. But I'll tell you more about further down.

The first thing you see after you enter is the palace. It represents nine different architectural styles from different cultures. Can you figure out all the countries?

Much like Europa Park in Germany, Sun World is divided into different parts which represent countries.

The ferries wheel is probably the most famous attraction of the park. With 115 meters in height, it is one of the tallest in the world and it can be seen even from afar.

Ferroli, one of the Symbols of the City.

Beautiful Da Nang from the top of the Wheel

Can you see the Dragon Bridge?

In need of something more exciting? Sun World got you covered. Take a look at the Thrill Level of their outdoor rides. Afterwards, I will be going over my Top Five. And before you ask: Yes, I went on every ride in the Park. It was quite easy considering that there were no queues at all! A local friend of mine told me it's usually not like that and it must have been because of the weather. However I though 25 degrees Celcius was just the perfect temperature. But back to the point.

#5 Flying Kirins

Nr. 24 in the map. You will find it in the Chinese Zone

It looks like a normal swingboat and well, it is just a normal swingboat. But it's still fun and got our stomachs twisting. Sometimes you just gotta stick to the classics.

#4 Paradise Fall

Nr. 18 in the map. You will find it in the Korean Zone

I like it because of the special way you sit in this attraction. It sorta really does feel like sitting on a quad going full speed! Unfortunately, the ride is rather short.

#3 Queen Cobra

Nr. 30 in the map. You will find it in the Indian Zone

Without a doubt one of the Park's main attractions! Too bad the tree is ruining the view, but you can still see the twists and turns and spirals! All that while your feet are swingling loosely in the air.

#2 Singapore Sling

Nr. 36 in the map. Guess in which Zone you can find it.

The Singapore Sling is not only a well-known cocktail but also another thrilling attraction in Sun World. You will be strapped to your seat and then the disk slowly starts rotating around itself while swinging from left to right, to left to right. Higher and higher each time until it finally does a 360-degree spin. And then, it does it again and again. Remaining on the peak for several seconds each time and you will get a great overview of the park - upside down. This is nothing for the faint-hearted.

#1 Golden Sky Tower

Nr. 32 in the map. You will find it in the Thai Zone

And we finally reached the top, literally. It's just a Free Fall Tower, another classic. But for someone like me, who doesn't do Heights very well, slowly being pulled to the top is scary enough for me. They leave you up there for what feels like a minute. Nobody tells you when you are going to fall, No countdown, nothing! Try to distract yourself, don't look down. Enjoy the view, look at the other rides. Don't look down, whatever you do, don't look down. And then suddenly gravity is there you do its thing. Pulling you back towards the ground only stopping seconds before you hit the floor.

If your stomach isn't too upset after all those crazy rides it's time to grab something to bite. Remember when I advised you not to get the buffet ticket? Now let me tell you why.

Once you exit the park, turn right and walk for about 100 metres until you get to a huge market with street food. They have plenty of foods and drinks to offer. There are some games and they even have live music! A perfect end to a perfect day.

Let me show you a few of the various dishes they offer.

Ever had eggs on a stick?

Plenty of places to sit

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Live Music

Fish-shaped pancakes - they were delicious!

Homemade Hamburgers

I tried this curry with a piece of breed for 28,000 Dong (1,09€)

P.S This Exhibition of lost phones is depressing.

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