Go to the park, or go to a restaurant? Maybe we think of going to both of them when we want to create pleasant moments with our loved ones or friends.

As a small area that is still developing, my hometown doesn't have many choices of tourist attractions for families. So, in my opinion, "TAMAN SELFIE" is a good choice without being able to refuse.


"TAMAN SELFIE" is Indonesian for a park where we can take a selfie. This is the character of the restaurant because it provides a lot of good photo spots to provide the lifestyle needs of the current generation.


Reasons why "TAMAN SELFIE"" is worth a visit:

An Outdoor Concept of a Refreshing Park


Who would not feel comfortable while relaxing in the open atmosphere nuanced park that is refreshed by green plants?


"TAMAN SELFIE" is like a green open land that deliberately makes visitors feel at home and it will make visitors order a lot of food.


Then what if it rains? As a tropical country, rain can come at any time even though it is not the rainy season.


Indoor Space

That's no problem because TAMAN SELFIE also provides a spot in the room.

To further enliven the atmosphere, there are beautiful doves.


Houses are provided for these birds in high trees.

Provides photo spots in the form of benchmarks for famous tours in Indonesia

"TAMAN SELFIE" is good in seeing opportunities. They made replicas of famous tourist attractions in various regions in Indonesia. This is so that visitors can feel as if imagining a walk in the distance.


For example "RUMAH HOBBIT (HOBBIT HOUSE)" which is a famous tourist attraction in the Bandung area. It can be found in this place.


At first glance when viewed from the outside, this place looks small. But if we enter, we can see many interesting locations that we can use to create happy moments with family.

Indonesian Food Tasteful Authentic You Must Try


Not enough to tell about the atmosphere of the place. Since I'm talking about restaurants, I have to tell the reason about the food itself.

"TAMAN SELFIE" provides Indonesian specialties.


Food List


Beverage List

Food and beverage menu lists are uniquely displayed on the wall in the ordering / payment area.

My mother and I love the taste of the food served by this place. The local foods provided make my mother happy because it is my mother's comfort food.



The foods we ordered before. Chicken with "rica-rica" seasoning and Stir-Fried Water Spinach.


For drinks, we ordered a dragon fruit soup drink and melon soup drink.

Normal price

The price offered is not pricey, but cannot be said to be too cheap. The price offered for food at this place is standard.

It deserves access to this pleasant place and is a favorite destination in the midst of the difficulty of finding destinations that are easily accessible.


I often return to this place just to "escape" from daily work to refresh my mind.

That was about "TAMAN SELFIE", a restaurant with a warm and refreshing park ambiance.

For those of you who want to see the atmosphere of this restaurant in the video, please watch the video that I posted earlier: Taman Selfie Vlog


Until Next!


Location: Taman Selfie: Jl. MT Haryono No.2, Kebun Lada, Kec. Binjai Utara, Kota Binjai, Sumatera Utara 20746