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Restaurant SHSD
Restaurant SHSD

At the end of the month there are always plans to visit a restaurant with a natural or traditional feel.

This time my colleague and I visited a Sundanese specialty restaurant which is famous for its spicy green sauce and is located in the grand walk cafe, Jalan Celebration Boulevard - Grand Wisata, Lambangjaya, Tambun Selatan, Lambangsari, Kec. Tambun Sel., Bekasi, West Java 17510.

The atmosphere is quite crowded with visitors who feel the restaurant is very thick with Sundanese customs. The food menu is quite cheap,

Menu list
Menu list

There are three presentations at this restaurant, there are choices of packages, offerings, or just select one menu.

Me and my friend tried the menu choices, where this menu serves all special foods from the cheapest to the most expensive. While waiting for our dishes to come, we did not forget to take pictures together

A few minutes later the menu we ordered came, the dishes were very tasty, we felt eating in a rural area, the menu was served using a rattan plate.

This was very impressive and we all enjoyed the dishes. Maybe you want to visit the SHSD restaurant, but remember don't forget to be with your family or friends so that your times are full of fun..

complementary togetherness, is a time when we have special cheerfulness, compared to enjoying our own pleasure.

After we enjoy our meal, we also take a picture together, together with four women and two men, hopefully this will be a good start in 2020.That's our little happiness at Green Chili Restaurant. See you at the following travel food.