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Ipatiev Monastery under the March sun

Ipatiev Monastery under the March sun

March 2020 · 2 min read · Kostroma

Sunset on a river covered with spring ice

The end of March is a great time. It is spring. Despite the fact that this year’s weather is completely incomprehensible, spring has come.

It was already warm by day, the temperature rose to plus 10 degrees Celsius.

Although it is still very cold at night. The temperature drops to minus 5.

Honestly, for me, the main thing is not the temperature, the main thing is that the sun is shining in the sky.

All winter I really did not see the sun. It is always cloudy and everything is gray and dark. And finally spring came and a bright star burns in the blue sky, gives us warmth and light.

And if so - it's time to take a camera and go for a walk outside despite the latest news about the terrible pandemic of the coronovirus.

By the way, there are no officially infected people in our region yet. There is speculation that there are two infected, but this is not accurate.

In a word, while everything is quiet, but we are on guard. Wash our hands and monitor our health.

But I was distracted. Good weather and evening after work. I went out with my favorite path to the bank of the Kostroma river. The sun was setting on the other side, creating a beautiful backdrop for the ancient Russian monastery.

Ipatiev Monastery is a very important place for Russian history. Here the dynasty of the Russian tsars of the Romanovs was founded.

Now the monastery is transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church and is active. In Soviet times, there was a museum.

But today I have more interest in spring nature. Beautiful sunset sky over the domes of ancient churches. And below the domes is ice. The thin last ice has not yet descended on the river. Ice in the light of the rays of the setting sun.

And so I wandered along the shore, breathed cold and fresh air, looked at the sunset and thought about the eternal.

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