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Travel to the Netherlands Manipur.

Travel to the Netherlands Manipur.

December 2019 · 4 min read

I was planning to go to Goa first but on the internet there was a lot of hiccups watching the Hornbill Festival going on in the Netherlands from December 1st to December 10th. So it was not too late, I left my husbands and our daughter.



Early in the morning, I went to Kohima after entering the local police station. Finding the starting hotel now, almost all the hotels were booked due to the Hornbill Festival. If anyone wants to come at this time then it is better to book the hotel in advance. A hotel pie with a lot of trouble, rent a room for 1000 rupees. There were four people in one room, then in the afternoon, sightseeing Kohima was a city set on a hill. In cold weather the city revolves and there is peace.
I was too tired to go down the road so I didn't sleep much, and I had dinner, and the cooking was good.


I woke up early in the morning and went to the Zuko Valley, one of the biggest attractions in the Netherlands.


Sumna went to Visa Trucking Point. Here you have to register for Parsons 100 rupees. At Sumo Taking Point, we have two roads to leave here: one path is short but many are steep, the other is longer but relatively less steep. If we go up the hill with the first road there is a lot of trouble but time is saved. It took about an hour and a half to get up the hill, after climbing the hill I could see the unspoiled beauty of the Zuko Valley. Like a sheet of green, covered with mountains. After climbing the mountain, I trekked for two more hours and reached the valley. It didn't hurt that much. The cup noodles available for food are priced at Rs 60. And the dinner rice vegetable pulse is 200 rupees.


At sunset, the green valley is covered with yellow. At night the temperature dropped to minus which we were not ready for so everyone would carry enough clothes. The night brings another tranquility to the valley, eliminating our excitement of seeing the Milky Way sitting under millions of stars. Then it would be the morning to wait in the cold overnight when there was a lot of peace waiting.


In the morning I drove from the Zuko Valley to the trucking point. The previous day I decided on a rupee that would turn up at our Hornbill Festival and drop it at the hotel.

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The festival is in Naga Heritage Village. Unique festivals like this have not been seen before if I have breakfast. At the festival, they are displaying their own culture as everyone united and made the festival their own. There are about 17 kinds of people in all the helpful people, the common people are indigenous foreigners are dancing together. After enjoying the festival for a long time, we come back to the hotel.



When I get out I usually party on the street and get back at the hotel.
Then I will come back to Manipur. So in the morning I woke up and left for Manipur. The sun is located at the only floating National Park in the world.


It is such a wonderful beauty.
We usually book hotels. There have been many journeys to come, so I did not go out to rest auction. Woke up early in the morning and booked an auto for 300 rupees which will show us the whole city in 2 hours. After 2 hours I saw the whole house after eating and drinking. This is how we all travel around feeling like it's a journey to remember all our life.


Finally, keep the atmosphere clean, do not throw dirt around the mountain when you get up, here you will find a little rubbish basket. If you are wrong in writing about the festival will be respectful of everyone's culture, I hope you will look at the empire and comment on any comments.

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