This time let´s travel to Bom Jesus do Monte located in Braga - Portugal
Is here where the recently considered UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sanctuary is situated.
Although it was not the reason for this visit, it is something that worth appreciating for both architectural and spiritual dimension.


Bom Jesus Sanctuary is one of the most recognized monuments of the city of Braga, whether by the Christian faith or the view over the city.
The ensemble is part of the Basilica, which was upgraded to this category in 2015, a stairway referring to the Way of the Cross with a difference of 116 meters, divided into three sections in a zigzag path, a funicular, a forest that is transformed into a park and a recreation area with restaurants and hotels.



The present Sanctuary, one of the first constructions in Portuguese neoclassical style, had its first stone laid on June 1, 1784 and finished in 1811.


I was a child and my parents took me to visit this magical place, and still today i remember the park, the lake with its rowing boats, the forest walks, the huge staircase with all its fountains and chapels and the tireless running up and down and of course, I remember the elevator or as it is called, the funicular.


On this trip the roles were reversed and it was my turn to bring my daughter to share with her this experience which for her was a novelty and for me a continuous nostalgic feeling in every step and look.

We start from the top of the hill, in the park area that is located at the back of the building with a wall that surrounds it, limiting the area of the sanctuary.



The park is inserted in the forest with a diverse rarities of vegetation full of small and narrow paths that run through various caves, lakes and viewpoints.



The water element is fundamental in this space. Being one of the fundamental elements of human life, with this idea reached in the stairway, with water also serving as the basis for the respective sources.


Arriving at one of the ex-libris of the place, the funicular, was a real fun for children and adults that I know will be in the memory of anyone present for a long long time.



This unique lift has been in operation since 25 March 1883, and is currently the oldest funicular in the world in operation using water counterweights.
The cabin tank at the top of the course is filled with water to make the other cabin climb the slope through the weight difference, and the water is emptied when it reaches the bottom.




The funicular runs parallel to the staircase of the Sanctuary up the hill. It has a slope of 42% and more than 100 meters of difference, in a course of 274 meters.
This trip “had a special flavor” was a step back to the past and a boost for the future as i did it along with those I love.
Rails and water are noises that accompany the trip through the funicular that not everyone notices how it moves.

To finish this trip, a greeting to the Mr president of the Republic that was around the place and one see you later :D


A trip that definitely worth it

  • All photos presented in this article are my own

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