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Today's i am going to share with you another @travelfeed . Some days ago i was visit Kuakata, Patuakhali. Most of the memorable place of Kuakata i was visit and i taken lots of photos.you know that kuakata is a most turist place where have a one sea beach everyday lots of turist travel this place. so i decided i will share this photography with you. Hope you are enjoy with my photography.

Kuakata is a most gorgeous pace its called Beach Daughter. Its environment is so impressive its my first time iw as visit tgis place.

Kuakata speciality is its have wide Beach in the world. I am so lucky to travelling here. This photography is kuakata beach scenario. Hope you are like it so much.

I love this place cause its beauty always impressed me. I think if you one time travel here you ahould also like as me.

This all photos scenario up to Beauty of kuakata over the nature. I think you are seeing this all photography you would like so much as like me.

This all photography taken by me. Original content creating by me. I hope this vlog is gathered lots of photos and its enough for this valg.

This my #originalcontent thanks for @ocd @ocdb and @curangel for always support the original content) Read my word and Enjoy my shot. After this I will share my post on my twitter here [@ahmanikdu47](https://mobile.twitter.com/ahmanikdu47) please let #steemonboarding like @anomadsoul recomendation.

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> My name is Abul Hasanat Manik. I am from Dhaka,Bangladesh.its a north asian Country. my steemit name is @ahmanik47 i was start my steemit journey from September 2019. I am a student of dhaka University. now i am studying M.A (Masters Of Arts). I am always try to make gorgeous photography vlog and also try to make video vlog in this here. I couldn’t able to lots of time in here but i stock my everyday some hours for steemit.