Cattle grazing is a common activity amongst the Hausa and Fulani tribes in Nigeria ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฌ. It is one of the major lucrative businesses of these tribes. Though cattle rearing is a great financial income generating enterprise, it is very stressful kind of activity that somehow requires a nomadic lifestyle. Thus, this "adventure" is mostly carried out by grown up men who can vehemently withstand such enormous level of stress.

I have seen several cattlemen in my life time, but I have never seen any as young as "Husain" - a name I just gave him.
This young boy was consistent in coming around my former apartment with his cattles, just few but fat cows, since there were much green grases for his cattles to feed on.

Often, while the cows go about grazing, Husain would sit under one of the trees to relax and watch them feed. I noticed he doesn't go along with any container of reserved drinking water.

One of the days, I returned from work and found him shading under the tree as usual. But this time he looked so tired and dehydrated. I felt so worried how he was so famished and dehydrated. I had some oranges in my hand and I gave him two. As he started taking the juicy oranges, his face began to brighten up and he started talking with me.

Those cows were way bigger and taller than Husain. So how was he able to control such huge creatures? I wondered! With the little stick in his hand, he could drive the cows in any direction he wishes. He also speaks to the cows and they understand him well. Many times when fight ensued among his cattle, he will speedily dash in with his stick and the cows would separate.

I was so scared of those cows, but I was really challenged by Husain's bravery. I asked Husain if I could take some photos of him with his cows. He said I could, and here they are! I couldn't snap with the cows too. They all had their eyes on me and that wasn't looking friendly.
One out of all the cows is Husain's. The rest are his father's. He could choose to sell off his cow and use the money for anything he desires. But for this to happen, he has to graze every of those cows deligently like they are all his own.

Today I look at these pictures and remember Husain my little friend and his cows.

Lessons I have learned from Husain;
Dare the dreadful
Be fearless
you can do it
Power is not determined by size
Everything is possible